Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse – September 1, 2016

AUSTRALIA, Western Australia, West Kimberley. Bachsten Creek. Wandjina (creator beings), rock art style painted during last 4000 years.

Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse – September 1, 2016

The New Moon Forms at 09 degrees, 21 minutes Virgo at 2:03 am PDT on September 1, 2016.  BLAM!  Did you feel the door slamming shut?  It’s been quite disorienting of late – to say the very least….  Eclipse season has begun. Eclipse cycles run 19 years.  This solar eclipse marks the end of the energies created the last time a solar eclipse occurred at these degrees on September 1, 1997, at 09 deg.39 min. Virgo. Very close.  To a lesser degree it also finalizes the last six months’ energies that were set in motion at the March 9, 2016 solar eclipse.   So yeah – maybe that was the sound of two doors slamming.  Do not go back.  It is not safe to re-enter the building.

We’ve been riding the mutable Wheel of Fortune all year. The Mutable cross has been in and out of phase but the mutable T-square has been pretty constant.  Our perceptions have been challenged on a daily, hourly and even minute by minute basis.  Now you see it.  Now you don’t.  Now you can’t even remember what it was.

The mutable signs move quickly.  They possess great agility.  It can be slippery stuff.   The energies of this eclipse are no exception.  The New Moon in Virgo squares Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius and opposes the South Node and Neptune in Pisces.  Mutable T-square in force – CHECK! Mercury is retrograde in Virgo and conjunct Jupiter at the end of the sign – CHECK!  Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces opposes the Sun, Moon, and the North Node conjunct in Virgo – CHECK!  So you see – we have not one but several iterations of the T-Square.  Perceptions shift around this triangle. Where is the truth? No one is really sure.  How much unreal reality can we bear?

There are a couple of strange things about this T-square.  Saturn is in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius.  And Neptune (a relative newcomer planet-wise) is in his own sign now – but he’s inhabiting a realm that for centuries belonged to Jupiter.  And poor Jupiter is stuck over in Virgo.  Yes – it’s fine over there.  Just fine.  He’s not starving or anything.  In fact all the nutritious food has helped him lose a few pounds.   But there are so many restrictions and rules and things to consider.  And truthfully, Jupiter can’t wait to get the hell out of there and sail into Libra – go to a cocktail party for God’s sake – or maybe just schmooze at his local.

But he’s learned a thing or two from his stay in Virgo.  He’s learned to narrow his focus and to fine tune his perceptions.  He’s got a good grip on what’s been circling round the wheel of fortune.  It’s time to narrow the focus.  Corral the psyche and the wild contradictory thoughts you’ve been having for the last six months.  Jupiter may be leaving Virgo but the Nodes are still there.  There’s still more to learn.  And in the meantime, Jupiter and Mercury are going to play a little before he leaves good old Virgo.  They may stir up a financial scare.  Maybe leak a sex scandal.  Or overturn a political boat or two.  I wouldn’t pay it any mind – for now….  Here in the US, our political scene gets weirder every day.  But that’s a whole other story… Jupiter enters Libra on September 9.  Mercury will be RX till September 21.

On September 2, the Sun will oppose Neptune at 11 deg. Virgo/Pisces.  The Sun is the self – the true self.  This true self will be staring into the mirror of Neptune, the keeper of fantasy.  It’s hard to say what the Sun will see.  It’s a good bet, however, that he will see what he wishes to see – that is he will not see reality.  Neptune’s mirror reflects wishes, dreams, fantasies, glamour, fame, fortune, world domination… you name it.  Again – how much unreality can we take?

It’s a good question.  We are creator beings.  To a large extent we create our reality. Yes we do – Believe it or not!!!!  The eclipse slams the door on the exhaustion and angst of Saturn in Scorpio and the Mars retrograde, on the pure confusion and unknowing of the Mutable Grand Cross, and on the ominous echoes of the Cardinal Grand Cross – to name only a few more recent manifestations. (For extra insight look back to 1997.  Yikes!  What was happening then?)  As creators we bear responsibility for our creations.  The eclipse at this New Moon in Virgo wants us to take responsibility for what we create from this moment forward. What is created in this clear space – this moment of absolute new and hard won knowledge – will carry us through the next 19 years.  Saturn in Sagittarius requires that we bring the truth of our beliefs into the present.  He further requires us to take responsibility for these beliefs.  Neptune knows that there is no life without engagement with spirit, imagination, poetry, and art.  Really, without Neptune’s gifts, there is no knowledge. There are no beliefs. Think about it.  What will you create in the time allotted you?  What will you give?  The time between now and the Lunar Eclipse on September 16 will not be easy.  Taking responsibility never is.   It’s a very radical choice.

“The idea is not to live forever, it’s to create something that will.”  –  Andy Warhol