Virgo New Moon – September 9, 2018

Virgo New Moon – September 9, 2018
The New Moon forms at 17 degrees, 00 minutes Virgo at 11:01 am PDT on September 9, and at 6:01 pm GMT. She and the Sun oppose Neptune at 15 Pisces, sextile Jupiter at 18 Scorpio, trine Pluto at 18 Capricorn and semi-square Uranus in Taurus just to make it interesting. The air has begun to clear a bit. Eclipse season is over for 2018. The last time we had back to back solar eclipses like this last set was in 2011 – right in the run- up 2012 and the years of the Cardinal squares and crosses. I remember it well – and I’ll bet you do too. But surprise – these aspects will still be with us off and on in the coming years – through 2023. We’re at the beginning of round 2.
Don’t let it get to you. You are so far ahead of where you were then – it’s not even the same you. It’s been a tough year so far. So many planets were retrograde for so long! So much commotion. So much discord. So much sadness and disappointment. But also so much growth and realization. This New Moon in Virgo offers us the opportunity to readjust and reconfigure our trajectories. It’s not a single-pronged approach that’s required at this time. It’s the whole shebang: intellectual, emotional, physical, and inspirational. Virgo holds space for personal integration so that we may take the developmental lessons of the first 6 signs to heart, integrate them, and then move on above the horizon of the chart into relationships of all sorts, and finally beyond that into transpersonal relationship with all that is.
The question becomes: How will we craft this future? Virgo demands meticulous attention to detail and impeccable allegiance to what is true. We are awash in Earth energy. A grand trine composed of Uranus in Taurus, Mercury in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn (newly out of retrograde and direct on September 6). This energy can feel intensely practical and pretty dense. It’s important to acknowledge this as we can only craft and manifest effectively and truly when we are in harmony with this new and unfamiliar (for some of us) Earthy energy. And manifestation is definitely on the agenda – as you will see as time goes on.
Virgo is known for her purity of intention, mind, and deed. She sincerely believes that she and we can do better. Where Pisces finds solace in complete acceptance of the world and its inhabitants; Virgo believes that we can and should do better. Tonight’s New Moon in Virgo makes the case for purification of thought word and deed. That we can tap into our more perfect self and soul in order to manifest and claim our sovereign self, indicated by the North Node in Leo. Just imagine what we could do with that energy!
It will require some deep inquiry and deep-cleaning as well a rigorous re-alignment and recalibration. The tolerances are getting tighter. At this same time we must learn to become more adaptable within a seemingly constricted structure (which is very different and probably not as restrictive or harsh as we think it is – it’s just currently unfamiliar). And as I keep reminding you; we are going moving into the unknown and the untried. Do what is most essential. This new energy will require more attention and vigilance. It is especially important that you monitor your physical body during this time. Virgo is very concerned with health and well-being. Our bodies are going through a transition/transformation as well. Don’t lose sight of that!
The eclipses are behind us but we are still integrating as we continue to move forward. Neptune lends spiritual guidance and a reminder to ultimately look at the big picture. Things will begin to move quickly as they often do in the fall. You might notice, if you look at a chart for this New Moon that there’s no Air sign influence at this lunation – unless you count the South Node in Aquarius or a couple of asteroids. So don’t forget to breathe! The Autumnal Equinox will fall on September 22 this year followed by the Aries Full Moon two/three days later depending on your global location. Watch for what doesn’t resonate and let it fall away. In the coming months less will definitely be more. Be ready to adjust. Let the Universe be your chiropractor.