Virgo New Moon – September 19-20, 2017

Virgo New Moon – September 19-20, 2017

The New Moon forms at 27 degrees, 27 minutes Virgo on September 19, at 10:29 pm PDT and at 5:29 am GMT on September 20, 2017.  Our days and nights have been uncertain and provisional since the last New Moon at the total solar eclipse on August 21.  Worldwide weather, ecological disasters, fire, famine, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes have appeared in the wake of the eclipse.  Solar flares of unprecedented strength are disrupting our electromagnetic field and are wreaking havoc on our communications systems.   Political intrigue and threats of war, unstable currencies and unbelievable/unsustainable market expansions have produced something of a covert but noticeable panic.  Taken together in this short stretch of time these events have created the perfect storm of confusion and uncertainty.  As I write this I have just heard of a 7.1 earthquake in Mexico City.

And don’t forget that we had not one but two Leo New Moons.  In case you’re wondering why we had two, it was to send the message loud and clear that you are responsible for your own sovereign self – and all that that entails.   North Node in Leo and all that.  And just to make it EXTRA clear the second new Moon in Leo was a Total Solar Eclipse.  Leo loves drama and wants to be sure you’re paying attention.   So he threw in some very attention-getting weather and militaristic sabre –rattling for good measure.  This New Moon boasts a powerful roster of bodies in Virgo.  Venus is at 00 degrees having just entered the sign.  She is accompanied by Mars at 09, Mercury at 12, and the Moon and Sun both at 27 Virgo.   Last month’s Leo lineup is over.  The North Node, Saturn and Uranus are still in a strong trine at advanced degrees of the fire signs.  The giant catharsis of the eclipse is starting to wane, but don’t underestimate the power and potential longevity of the effects of that event!  Things will continue to change quickly.  This eclipse will resonate for a long time to come.

We are not immune to the effects of these natural events.  Our bodies and brains react and alter their response to these natural phenomena.  The magnetic fields generated and sustained by these solar storms have their effect.  We begin to feel it.  Many have reported being extra tired and going to bed at extremely early times.  Some have become energized and others may feel depressed or lethargic.  These disturbances do not seem to be abating.  We are going to have to acknowledge our changing conditions and adapt.

So here we are at the Virgo New Moon.  Virgo is about integration, service, practicality, and initiation.  There is no better place to start our discovery, clean-up, recovery, and transformation than here, at this moment in Virgo.   Full Moons get all the glamour and glory but the real work begins here, at the New Moon, in the dark, private, personal, and probably painful places hidden from view.  Tonight the Sun and New Moon oppose Chiron.  This is part of our initiation into the new world wrought at the eclipse. Chiron, the “wounded healer” is spiritualized in Pisces.  He wants us to attend to our spiritual hygiene.   NOW.   The temptation with Venus Mars and Mercury opposing Neptune is to sleep, dream, and avoid the deep dive that we are called to initiate at this time.

Angela Economakis wrote the following yesterday.  It is clear and eloquent and true in a way will illuminate our darkness and confusion at this new moon.  Thank you, Angela!




Compulsive Scroller. The one whose psychic spiritual wound elusively remains enticingly unhealable. Whose wisdom and power of detached observance grows concurrently with the compassion garnered through the quest, who never dares to break the seductive cycle to touch the truth that has nested and rested, pulsated and waited.  You are the shaman of your own soul you know.  ‘Almost there’.  Nostalgic and attached to the rabidly protected wound that identifies a lifetime of never arriving, never finding, never having, never meeting ‘it’, never facing ‘it’, always projecting ‘it’, to necessitate protecting ‘it’ to never realize, with real-eyes, truth eyes, whole eyes, w-hol-y eye that we believed confirmed, reaffirmed, squirmed and settled con-formed lullaby-lulled into the personality little me restriction of a world that mirrored an erroneous twisted reflection of exquisite dis-ability to stay stagnantly, painfully, baggage-fully in……. safe familiar life.. Shaman.  Healer.  Weaver of smokescreens.  Mighty mirror service reflector of that which we seek and lays disowned but glistening, self-abandoned in its beckoning within




Awaken.  “

The way to freedom is not through Neptune’s kingdom of slumber and fantasy.  Awaken!  Virgo knows what’s required and she knows how to implement a plan that will work.  This New Moon wants us to wake up once and for all so that we can identify and clear what needs to be healed. Virgo knows you want to be your best most complete self in order to partake of the initiations that await.  Walk the spiritual path with practical feet.  Only then can we be freed from the beautiful and seductive traps we’ve set for ourselves.  Only then can we be ready for what’s coming next.