Virgo New Moon – September 17, 2020

Virgo New Moon – September 17, 2020

The Virgo New Moon, ruled by Mercury, was exact overnight at 25 degrees, 00 minutes (how’s that for being on time?) at 4:00 am PDT and at 11:00 GMT. The New Moon squares the North and South Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius and at the same time completes its last earth sign trine of 2020 by aspecting the collection of planets in Capricorn. We are at the halfway point of 2020’s eclipses, closing in on the Libra Equinox next week on September 22, we have just the rest of this month, October, November, and December to complete before we head in to 2021. It’s the last quarter of the year. Virgo wants to make sure that we’re doing things carefully, methodically, and proceeding by using approved and tested guidelines with the best possible outcome in mind.

There’s a lot of disruption, uncertainty, restlessness, trauma, distraction, and strangely enough, a lot of potential and possibility. It all depends on your focus. We are experiencing a major planetary shift. So far most The Earth and its human inhabitants (us) are entering into a major reset. There is nothing to be afraid of – and even if there was – it would not do any good to panic or try to subvert the process. We have choices. The choices are, in most cases, extremely clear but also extremely uncomfortable, difficult, not to mention potentially inconvenient Given the structure of our lives as we have known and lived them up till now, many of our choices (which have been greatly restricted of late), are to put it mildly – inconvenient.

In the midst of this upheaval, there is the whispering scent and promise of a change for the better. It will entail hard work, commitment, and action as well as conscious acknowledgement of what is fading out of existence and what is no longer sustainable – we are purposely leaving behind. There are big changes and decisions ahead. The restrictions of pandemic, political upheaval, and natural disasters are not some fluke. They are signposts put in our paths for a reason – to get our attention and to shake us awake to this new reality. That reality asks us to be brutally honest with ourselves about what is and is not sustainable here on our planet and in our personal, professional, and everyday lives. It’s time to decide.

Mercury at 17 degrees Libra squares the stellium of Vesta, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. He’s exactly square Jupiter at this New Moon. He would prefer not to make any decisions while in Libra – it seems to disrupt the flow of conversation and conviviality – and so he’d rather just let things continue on for the time being. When the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto formed, Mercury was part of the conjunction – involved from the beginning. He knows that these planets mean business and that they will see this planetary reset through to its completion. However, he is glad that he’s not currently involved. We are running out of time to get our brains around the truth that THINGS ARE CHANGING NOW. This will continue. AND THERE IS NOT A LOT OF TIME IN WHICH TO ENTERTAIN INDECISION. This is not a time to sit on the fence or to waffle back and forth about what action to take. It is also not a great time to ignore truths that are staring us all in the face.

The Libra Equinox will occur next Tuesday on September 22. This is the beginning of the last quarter of the year. The Moon will be moving from Virgo, through Libra and into Scorpio by the time the equinox is finished. Scorpio is not one of her better placements. Mercury will be squaring Pluto. This is not the time to back off from conversations and decisions that need to be made going into the last quarter of the year.

Take the time to check in with your core truths and beliefs. Understand who you are, what you want and where you’re going. Get real about who you are and the truth of your emotions. Do not settle for “good enough” or “for the time being” – that won’t cut it. Mercury will tell if you ask him – Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are playing for keeps and there’s no going back. Stay in the truth of the present. Do not look back or rehash the past. Nostalgia can be debilitating and poisonous sometimes – and this is one of those times. What is true NOW is what is important going forward. The personal planets will pull you through this time. Mercury, in particular is observing and taking notes. He’s doing a lot of reconnaissance and retrieval. Keep your eye on him. After all, he is the messenger. And you know what they say – “Don’t shoot the messenger.” And I might add – “LISTEN TO HIM!!!”.