Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse – September 12 – 13, 2015

Virgo Solar Eclipse – September 12 – 13, 2015


The New Moon forms at 20 degrees, 10 minutes Virgo at 11:41 pm PDT on September 12, 2014 and At 6:41 am GMT on September 13.  This New Moon brings a solar eclipse.  This is a partial solar eclipse that will be visible in the southern hemisphere over the northern part of Antarctica, in southern Africa, Madagascar, and the southwestern Indian Ocean.  Eclipse season comes twice a year every year.  Eclipses occur at the same degree of a sign every nineteen years.  Each eclipse belongs to a family of eclipses called a Saros cycle.  These cycles last anywhere from 1226 to 1550 years.  This eclipse belongs to Saros cycle 125 which began on February 4, 1060.  Its most recent occurrence was on September 1, 1997.  So you might want to do a little comparison of you to you and situations then to situations now. Where were you in 1997?  What were your concerns?

In the United States we are having another anniversary.  It’s been 14 years since the attack on the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  And that’s half a Saturn Cycle.  Saturn is currently at 29 degrees, 36 minutes Scorpio in wide opposition to 14 Sagittarius, its position on that day.  Saturn will be moving into Sagittarius in about one week on September 17 – smack dab in the middle of the eclipses.  Do you suppose Saturn is trying to tell us something?  Is he reminding us that treachery comes in many forms and guises?  Is he hinting that perhaps we should sit up any pay closer attention to what’s really going on personally and politically?  It has been said that the personal is political and we are about to find out just how true that saying is.

Saturn will start moving ahead a good clip, achieving 14 Sag sometime in February 2016.  Shortly thereafter, in March, he’ll retrograde over that degree, spending most of the summer of 2016 in retrograde, stationing direct on August 9, 2016, just in time to weigh in during the final weeks of the U.S. election cycle.  Saturn has been busy trying to get our attention.  Make no mistake, he will continue to be a major player as we move ahead.  In Sagittarius he will help us to clarify our philosophies, social agendas, and our obligations and responsibilities – legal and ethical. Keep it in mind.

This eclipse in Virgo comes as an exclamation point after the long summer slog of Venus retrograde in Leo and Saturn retrograde in Scorpio.  We’re pretty tired but most of us see the changes ahead and feel encouraged.   Virgo excels in analysis and synthesis.  She wants us to get it right.  She prods us to see the practical implications of what we’ve all just been through and to use our discernment in matters related to the nuts and bolts of living here in the physical world.  In this she resonates deeply with the other earth signs.

At this eclipse, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Virgo are in opposition to Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.  This alignment opens a huge portal for healing the body and soul. Divine love and healing radiates from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces across the wheel to Virgo who receives it with religious fervor, vowing to make this energy count.  And there is no better servant of divine inspiration and energy than Virgo (unless, of course, it’s Pisces).  The separation of matter from spirit has been painful.  Chiron and Neptune in Pisces have cleared the pathway for reunion.  It’s been a long time setting up and the time has arrived  healing to begin. This is the beginning of the dissemination phase and the ascendance of the energies of the Mutable signs.

The Virgo/Pisces axis encompasses all modalities of healing.  Basic wellness of body, mind, and spirt is a complicated process.  To simplify, it begins with a dependence upon responsible farming and attentive stewardship of the land.  Education and dissemination of knowledge through the formation of communities is the second leg of the journey. The final tending of the spirit depends on the strength and resilience of the first two and this is where Pisces kicks in.  It is imperative that we recognized each other as aspects of the same self.  And that we see and honor the divinity in all beings.  We cannot hope to craft a divine spirt out of diseased material.  We cannot pioneer a new relationship to the earth if we cannot claim a new vision of ourselves which is, in reality, the one self.    Our current situation here on Earth is beginning to fray and to show the seriousness and truth of this statement.  Food production is currently at an all-time high and yet starvation occurs in record numbers.  The people of our world are starved for peace and unity yet we and our governments cannot manage to work together for peaceful solutions. The Earth herself is depending on us to integrate and come together.  So you see:  the personal really is political.  If you need much reinforcement on this point, treat yourself to the glut of network sponsored information that’s available.  No binge viewing please – it can be toxic and you might end up sobbing on your sofa.

Time to clear it out.  Make way for the new energies.  We’re moving faster than you might think.  We’ve got a total lunar eclipse in Aries coming on September 27/28.  BOOM!  New beginnings!!!  And a pesky Mercury retrograde beginning on September 17 (the day Saturn re-enters Sagittarius).  Venus and Mars are moving along nicely in Leo so you can turn you attention to more pressing matters now. It’s all about the mutable signs now.  It’s all about perception, analysis, and dissemination.

Are you ready?  I know you are…