Virgo Full Moon – March 9, 2020

Virgo Full Moon – March 9, 2020

Today’s Full Moon becomes exact at 19 degrees, 36 minutes Virgo at 10:47 am PDT/ 5:47 pm GMT. We don’t usually see the Moon during daylight hours – or if we do, she’s rising or setting. That’s part of her ever-changing charm. She makes her rounds, faithfully checking in with all the signs and houses over the course of her travels. Tonight, she is a SuperMoon; at or near perigee (her closest approach to Earth) and syzygy (aligned with the Sun and Earth) she settles and shines in Virgo. This is the first of three Super Moons in a row which will greatly increase gravitational and electromagnetic pulls on the tides, the Earth, and of course on her creatures. That would be us … our physicality and consciousness. With Uranus in Taurus, we will continue to feel the radical changes that our planet is moving through. And there’s likely more odd weather and fluctuations of all sorts ahead.

Caught as we are in the time between the end of the zodiac in Pisces and the beginning of the astrological New Year in Aries, on March 19, this Full Moon in Virgo is opposite the Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces. She illuminates the departure from Pisces and the movement into the Aries new year. Pisces is final stage of consciousness and the ascent into timeless divinity, Spirit, unity and oneness. Aries is the fiery spark and descent of Spirit into Matter. This is the place where the rubber meets the road.
We know that there are huge changes afoot. If you can’t feel it by now – well, I don’t know what to tell you… There’s a lot of pressure and confusion being broadcast. The imperative for change is intense. The desire for certainty is equally intense. It’s a not easy to find the truth. Tonight’s moon in Virgo faces off with the Sun and Neptune who are conjunct in Pisces. On the upside, this creates a heightened awareness and increased intuition, inspiration, perception, consciousness, resourcefulness, and creativity. On the downside it can create a false narrative, spinning tall tales that include doomsday forecasts, illusory and false information used to manipulate and cajole the public into panic, fear, anticipation, despair, and even hopelessness. Question your sources. It’s a tricky spot.

Virgo’s ruler, Mercury (currently retrograde in Pisces) stations direct today at 28 degrees Aquarius at 7:48 pm PDT. The station creates a bit of a frisson and unstable energy as Mercury prepares to move forward again. But this is excellent news and a great time to use the insights you gained during the retrograde. This Virgo New Moon will organize and implement systems that will work for and serve humanity. She discerns and decides with amazing speed and accuracy. She wants us to wake up to what’s REALLY going on. She wastes no time and works to serve the collective with great sincerity. She will fight for and find the truth of a situation. She will combat false narratives and doomsday scenarios.

Uranus and Venus are conjunct in Taurus tonight at 04 and 05 degrees, respectively. Uranus is uncomfortable in Taurus. He’s earthbound there. He prefers the electricity and energy of Aquarius to the placid lushness of Taurus. But he’s there with lady Venus, the ruler of Taurus. She will show him the positive aspects of earth energy. So instead of causing earthquakes, fire, bigger holes in the ozone layer, volcanos and the like, perhaps he’ll gain some insight and appreciation for planetary management and enjoyment. Yes, we know it’s his preference to destroy the old and revolutionize with the new. But Venus may have a trick or two to show him. She wants to preserve and protect the precious beauty, harmony and value of our world. She will insist that he learn the value of positive revolution. Uranus will counter with the beauty, surprise and value of not taking things for granted – to enjoy those unstable moments that can lead to true advancement and change. It will be an interesting collaboration and we will all feel it.

Are you ready to surf the impossible wave and to ride it to God knows where? Please be ready for that. Because we are not going back to anything you’ve seem before. Know what is important to you – what has real value and sustainability. Can you be in this unstable and uncertain world? Will you continue with what you know to be true? Everything is in flux – always… Tonight’s Virgo full moon wants you to believe, create, build and consolidate. Follow her example. She knows the way.