Virgo Full Moon – March 16, 2014

Virgo Full Moon – March 16, 2014


The Full Moon forms at 26 degrees 1 minute Virgo at 10:08 am PDT on March 16, 2014.  This is the last Full Moon of the astrological year and it’s a lovely and proper thing that this moon falls in Virgo.  The Virgo-Pisces / 6th-12th house polarity is an interesting one.  Virgo’s and the 6th house’s strong suit is an ability to discern, analyze and synthesize it’s findings, while Pisces’ and the 12th house’s forte is a complete lack of desire to discriminate or analyze and its’ ability to receive anything and everything just as it appears.


This does not mean that Virgos are incapable of compassion and love nor does it mean that Pisceans are unable to make clear judgments and decisions.  Both signs are concerned with service:  Virgo to individuals and organizations within the human and earthly community and Pisces to all creatures living and dead and all beings in every corner of the universe.  Virgo integrates the lessons of the first 6 houses of the zodiac and distributes that knowledge to the community at large through work and service.  Pisces releases all the information of all 12 houses to the divine through work and service.  There is great difficulty but also great joy in this polarity.   Both sign sacrifice their ego self in the quest to serve.  They (along with the other mutable signs, Gemini and Sagittarius) are masters of the art of distributing energy and information.  The Full Moon in Virgo allows us a moment – an opportunity really – to take stock, analyze what’s going on, discern fine shades of meaning and nuance, and assemble a workable rough draft – a provisional plan of action based on facts in evidence.  And amid the watery diffuseness of the Pisces Sun, Neptune and Chiron and at the end of what’s been a long weird winter – this is a blessing!


And so we trundle and lumber, traipse and saunter toward the Cardinal Grand Cross.  I don’t really want to ask if things could get any weirder because I think I know the answer and that answer is YES.  Several moons ago I asked you about that crack in the earth in your backyard.  You know – the one that you knew was there but haven’t been paying much attention to?  You might want to go have a look at it. AGAIN!  And while you’re at it you might want to check your natal chart to see if you have any planets at or near 13 degrees.  Especially the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) – but really – 13 degrees of anything could be a potential hot spot.  Historically, Uranus and Pluto combination has been a signature of revolution, reform and warfare.  On March 17, the day after the Full Moon, the Moon will move into Libra, hitting the 13 degree point that will be occupied by Mars on Aril 20 when the Cardinal Cross will be exact.  On that day (April 20) Pluto will be at 13 Capricorn, Uranus will be at 13 Aries, Jupiter will be at 13 Cancer and Mars will be retrograde at 13 Libra.  It is rather awe inspiring how pervasive and dense this energy is and how many people will feel this hitting their natal charts directly.  If you want to take a look at the historic cycles of just Uranus (the planet of revolution and innovation) all you need to know is that it takes 84 years for Uranus to complete a full tour of the zodiac.  He spends about 7 years in each sign.  I think you’ll be surprised at what you find.


So the Moon’s transit of this point (13 degrees Libra) will be a sort of rehearsal for the main event next month.  We have been working with the energies of the outer planets and Jupiter for several years now but the addition of the personal planet, Mars, in the sign of relationship, Libra, has made this MUCH more personal.  The Moon, on March 17, will give us the opportunity to see how we FEEL about all this relationship stuff. Ask yourself:  What is my relationship to_______________?  Fill in the blank with the name of a person, country, city, philosophy, political stance, religion, etc.  Relationships entail responsibility.   So the next question is:  What is my personal responsibility to_____________________?  Fill in the blank again.  Keep at it.  This won’t be easy.  You probably won’t want to do it because on the same day Mercury will be slipping into Pisces.  No, he’s not retrograde anymore but he will be extremely scattered, fuzzy, poetic, otherworldly, and generally unfocused.  Keep at it!!! Find your footing!!!


The revolution starts now. And it starts with you – In your own back yard – in your own hometown.  It starts where you are now.  It starts with self responsibility, self-acceptance and love.  The Sun will be in Pisces for another week.  If Pisces teaches us anything it is to have faith.    If we as individuals can consciously climb onto the Cardinal Cross, lash ourselves to the cross bars and have the faith required to ride that wheel to the end of April we will have gone a long way toward transformation at a personal and collective level.   By doing this you will not only assist the collective but you will reveal, release, and refine your own life’s purpose and trajectory.  The act of release is not loss.  It is an act of courage that leads to freedom.


On March 20 the Sun moves into Aries and we arrive at the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the astrological New Year will begin again.  Have Faith.  Do the work.  Be the hundredth monkey.