Virgo Full Moon – March 12, 2017

Virgo Full Moon – March 12, 2017

The Full Moon forms at 22 degrees, 13 minutes Virgo at 7:54 am on March 12, 2017.  The Sun conjuncts Chiron, Pallas Athena, and Mercury at this full moon.  The north and south nodes of the moon have straddles the Virgo – Pisces polarity since November 2015.  Virgo and Pisces are concerned, each in their own way with perfection.  Pisces’ dreams of perfection tend toward ideals that may not have any correlation or attachment to what most of us call “reality”.  Virgo’s idea of perfection is far more earthbound, practical and analytical.  Both signs have a preference for a particular perceptual stance.  They are much like two acrobats, each standing on their platform in the big top.  One is the catcher and the other the flyer.  They work together. Sometimes they switch off positions.  The illusions and realities they present are amazing, shocking, frightening, exhilarating, and necessary.  One cannot succeed without the other.

We’ve had a good long time to work with these energies.  That time is coming to a close now.  The Pisces New Moon/Solar Eclipse of February 26 was the end of a 19 year cycle.  We will not see this energy again until 2034.  Tonight’s full moon is the summation of the lessons of the last year and a half.     The nodes will transition into the Leo/Aquarius polarity on May 10, 2017.  Take the time to review what’s been learned, what’s been shared, and what loose Virgo/Pisces-type ends need tidying.  The Leo/Aquarius cycle will be an entirely different experience.

We’re feeling the effects of the T-Square of Saturn to the Sun, Chiron and Mercury in Pisces and to the Moon in Virgo.   Saturn wants our physical realities to work in our favor.  He’s all about structure and procedure.  In Sagittarius, he’s not opposed to a tiny bit of fun – but don’t go overboard.  He acutely aware that we don’t have a ton of time between now and May 10th.  And he needs us to get serious about finishing up this Virgo/Pisces project.  The Moon’s opposition to Mercury can cause situations to become even more strained and fraught with confusion.    The Virgo Moon seeks to communicate with clarity and precision while Mercury, Sun, and Chiron in Pisces, intent on reveling in emotion and intuition resist her, perhaps preferring to rehash old wounds, slights, and inequities.  The Full Moon may have to turn the spotlight on and/or dispel some of the inaccurate memories and notions held by Chiron and Mercury in particular.  Saturn has no patience for this sort of thing.  He will urge the Moon to do her best to set the record straight so that he can keep his timetable moving.  May 10th is not that far away.

Meanwhile, Venus went retrograde in Aries on March 4.  Mars slipped into Taurus on March 9.  They are now in a condition known as Mutual Reception.   Venus is in the sign ruled by Mars and Mars is in one of the two signs ruled by Venus.   This is a great and fortunate pairing.  Venus in Aries is motivated to get what she wants in relationship and to move with radical and swift yet artistic steps to achieve her desires.  Mars in Taurus lacks the dynamism he prefers.  He does, however, have deep and unflagging devotion to his tasks.  His progress may seem slow but it will be steady and thorough.  Venus’ retrograde and descent to the underworld will last about six weeks.  She will emerge as the morning star, purified, revitalized and ready to begin lay the new groundwork for a redesign of relationships of every sort imaginable.

We’ve been through a lot during 2016 – 17.  It’s been an enormous and steep learning curve.   We are seeing clearly, although not necessarily happily and totally optimistically in all cases…  Still it’s progress away from illusion and delusion and toward clarity.  It’s been one round of releasing and pruning after another.  Stepping away from some things and moving into others.  We’ve reach the end stages of this go-round.   We’ve also established a new baseline – a new alignment that while not perfect, will provide each of us with a fresh and inspired starting point.  This is an opportunity to discard your wounded thinking and worn-out favorite familiar sufferings.  Bring this new consciousness to every thought, emotion, intuition, and especially to every physical movement.  We are going to begin using our bodies in ways we’ve never imagined and we will be manifesting on levels we can now only glimpse but not yet comprehend.

The revolution starts now.  In your own back yard, in your own hometown.  And it doesn’t look like anything you’ve ever seen before. Wave goodbye to the old forms.  Don’t try to imagine the new ones.  Just stay open and stay with it.  You’ll see….