Virgo Full Moon – March 1 – 2, 2018

Virgo Full Moon – March 1 – 2, 2018

There was no full moon in February.  It might have seemed a little darker than usual, being the middle of winter and all.  Pulling you coat closer to your body.  Wondering if it really was that cold or if you were just being a big wuss.  The skies were low.  The days got perceptibly longer but not necessarily warmer.  And the nights were still long and dark.  The Full Moon forms at 11 degrees 23 minutes Virgo at 4:51 pm PST on March 1 and at 12:51am GMT on March 2, 2018.

We’ve got a pile-up of planets and asteroids in Pisces right now.  The Moon sits opposite this stellium.  Juno, Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron all smile benignly at the earnest Virgo Moon, trying their very best to convince her that there’s really nothing to be anxious about.  “Things will be okay.  Just relax, breathe, and surrender.  Just take your cues from us,” they say.    Easy to say and very tough to do for Virgo.  There’s definitely been a lot of tension, anxiety and uncertainty since the beginning of the year.  We’re ready for release but unclear on how, when, and where to do that.

The Pisces/Virgo axis is a difficult one.  It challenges us renounce what does not serve at both practical and spiritual levels, to integrate and heal at personal and universal levels, and to be effective on earth and in the ethers.  Practice, dedication, integration, selfless service, and surrender are required at both ends of this polarity. It is a complex back and forth process by which we are humbled and at the same time elevated.  The Full Moon in Virgo strongly encourages us to examine this imperative.  She is extremely spiritual in her own right but also completely analytical and practical.  She knows how to make a decision.

There’s so much watery energy right now – hence the feelings of doubt, anxiety, nervous energies, and indecision.  We can’t quite commit to a course of action.  We want to.  We see “it” and feel “it” – but we can’t quite touch “it” or name “it” yet.   We can’t decide to stay or go.  We feel a deep need to make a change – to start on a new path and to move; but we’re wearing the cement boots of winter and just can’t seem to get going – to get out of our own way.  Neptune, the ruler of Pisces aligns with this Full Moon and conjuncts the Sun on March 4.  Mercury, Venus and Chiron are closely aligned this weekend as well.  This is creative energy par excellence! Neptune and the planet party in Pisces like nothing better than to dissolve all taboos, open all locked doors, and release their physical and spiritual consciousness to the whims and winds of our great galactic unknown. That’s a lot of ecstatic energy!  If there’s an answer floating around out there – this weekend might just reveal it.

We’ve been moving very quickly.  This rapid pace is not going to stop until the 8th of March when Jupiter stations retrograde at 23 Scorpio.  He will remain retrograde until July 10th.  Jupiter is about expansion, the “big idea”, the life’s philosophy, and what is true in the personal and universal sense.  This retrograde period will illuminate which beliefs will serve you well going forward and which will not. He will not return to 23 degrees Scorpio again until October 6.

Tonight’s moon asserts her earthy practicality, urging us to make the tough calls and decisions we’ve been avoiding.  It’s also an announcement of the ascendance of Earth energies.  Uranus will be moving on from his tenure in Aries and into Taurus for the next seven years, in mid May.  Rather than squaring Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, he will be trining them.  And that will be a whole different kettle of fish!

Do not doubt your ability to unravel your conundrums.  Do not fear that you will never find a way to step out of your cement shoes of inaction – your whirlwind of anxiety – or whatever you want to call it.  You’ll make the decision; and when you do you’ll feel the rightness of it.  Let yourself do what you know you must do.  You know the way.