Virgo Full Moon – February 19, 2019

Virgo Full Moon – February 19, 2019
Tonight we see the brightest of three SuperMoons in a row. The Moon is at perigee. It is her closest approach to earth during 2019. She is beautiful and glowing in the night sky. And just like the last two Full Moons, she is at the first degree of her sign. Tonight she is full at 00 degrees, 42 minutes Virgo. We are charting a new course. Early degrees suggest the beginning of a new adventure, trajectory, and way of being. All the planets and are moving direct until March 5th when Mercury will station retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces returning to 29 Pisces on April 16.
The Virgo-Pisces axis is an interesting one. It’s about perfection. Virgo seeks to discern, understand, and to perfect the earthly realm while Pisces chooses to embrace and embody the divine unity of all that is – knowing better and having had double the earthly experience of Virgo. We are moving away from the long and ancient age of Pisces now – heading toward the much heralded “Age of Aquarius”. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. There is a weariness and over-abundance of knowledge at the edge where Pisces ends and Aries begins. As the cycle dies away and releases Aries rushes in to re-invigorate and animate the new agenda. And so it goes every cycle – every spring.
Tonight’s Moon is 00 degrees Virgo. Today’s Sun is 00 degrees Pisces, Chiron is finishing a 50 year cycle tonight saying goodbye to Pisces; surrendering completely as he arrives at 00 Aries – to begin again in good faith with renewed vigor. Uranus is almost ready to return to 00 Taurus after a year’s worth of backtracking through Aries. Mars has passed the original sky God and is settling in to a comfy well deserved respite in Taurus. The next time these two will meet in the last degrees of Aries will be 70+ years from now.
Do you feel the quickening? Are you getting glimpses of the future? Of course you are! Can you trust your instincts? Of course you can! Do you trust the divine order of the universe? Do not doubt yourself. We are moving. Can you feel the velocity? Don’t look back! There’s nothing there to hold you. We’ve finished with 2018. We have learned what we need to learn from it. There is nothing useable left to mine. Allow that time to ebb away. Let whatever it is that’s tugging at you or lurking at the edges of your confidence go. Don’t look for do-overs or try to find reasons to retrace your steps. There’s nothing there really. It’s a mirage. It is done.
It’s time to turn to the NOW. And to see the fullness and value of the now. Trust in your ability to know. Trust in your ability to manifest. Do not question what you’ve been called to do. There is much confusion and chaos out there. But when you center and hold you know the truth of what is true now for you. Be in uncertainty but do not doubt your truth. Don’t look back. Don’t try to retrace your steps. Those steps have vanished. There is nothing there to learn.
This is the beginning. Allow it to be just that. Beginner’s mind. All planets are direct for the time being. Feel the velocity – Raise your sails. Fly into the future. Believe in the truth of your path. Make the move. Dedicate yourself to the truth of your core being. Feel the edge and fly. And remember – Don’t muck around in the past. Don’t look back!