Taurus New Moon – May 6, 2016

Taurus New Moon – May 6, 2016

The New Moon forms at 16 degrees, 41 minutes Taurus, at 12:29 p.m. PDT on May 6, 2016.  Taurus is where we learn about being in the body.  After the Arian initiation of spirit into matter, the infant soul begins to focus, to feel, anticipate, and differentiate its movements and desires.  It marvels at its fingers and toes, widens its eyes and sees, knows it is hungry and demands food.  S/he becomes more fully human, develops preferences, and exhibits nuanced feeling, pleasure, displeasure, and cognizance.  This is the Taurean state of being.   The body has a specific intelligence.  It is not flashy.  It doesn’t like to show off at parties. That’s the ego/personality that does that!  The body is deep and ineffable.  It is truth beyond truth.  The body knows.  It knows how to survive and how to thrive.  We ignore it at our peril but we do, in our current civilization, pretty generally ignore it until it asserts itself aggressively – usually in an attempt to save our very own life.  The Taurus New Moon reminds us to examine our relationship to our physical reality – our earthly existence.  Earth is our home planet.  She nurtures and provides for our bodies and our souls.  Honor your covenant with your body and with the Earth.

At this New Moon we experience a grand trine in Earth.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Taurus trine Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.  There’s a planetary pileup in Taurus as well.  Sun, Moon, Mercury (rx), Venus, and Vesta are collaborating with the trine energy to reveal new pathways into and through the physical world.  An old saying reminds us to walk the spiritual path with practical feet.  If there was ever a time to practice this discipline – that time is now.

There’s a good bit of unreality shimmering about now.  And while Jupiter is participating in the Earth trine, he is simultaneously retrograde and holding down his end of the T-square formed by himself, Saturn (also retrograde) and Neptune (currently direct but stationing Rx in June).  But Jupiter is getting ready to station direct on May 9 , slowing down and taking his time to resume forward movement…adding to the current confusion – and  I’ll give you three guesses where the shimmering unreality/confusion vibe is coming from… And it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon….  Neptune will be in Pisces through 2024.  He is deceptively powerful in his domicile.  So… get used to that!  Learn to swim, float, dive, dissolve, and thrive in the watery depths and ethereal ethers, lest you lose your way along the way.  Jupiter in opposition to Neptune tends toward a massive inflation of ideals to the point of fantasy and delusion.  Saturn’s square to Jupiter and Neptune inflicts poignant (and perhaps painful) limits and structure as well as an enormous dose of reality into an otherwise untenable situation.  Saturn wants you to do well and to abide by the rules of physical reality.  And in Sagittarius, he wants you to truly know who you are, what you stand for, and where you stand.  This T-square will be in effect until July 20, 2016.

Jupiter is by nature expansive and inclusive.  In Virgo, he is confined but manages to bulge and blossom as he moves forward, giving us a tantalizing glimpse of the possibilities and the big picture.  We can taste this.  We can see it and feel it and hear it but we can’t quite actualize this fantastic thing that we’ve been conceptualizing and gestating since Jupiter retrograded in January.   It’s maddening!  It’s time to move and we’re having difficulty mobilizing.  It’s up ahead and the going is still slow.  Jupiter is BIG.  It will take him a bit of time to get up to speed. All the doubt, despair and sideways thinking we’ve endured since January’s retrograde will devil us along the way.  Don’t let the phantoms and demons overwhelm you.  We must make this crossing of the figurative desert alone.  We may travel with others but the work is personal, internal and deep.  We have much to clarify with regard to our personal selves.   With Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto retrograde, we still have much to review before we complete this crossing.

As Jupiter stations on May 9, Mercury will transit the face of the Sun.  This phenomenon is relatively rare, occurring about 13-14 times per century and only in May or November.  This transit heightens our ability to stand in the truth of who we are and what we stand for.  The mind is active, fertile and creative with unlimited access to divine intelligence. Be selective about what information you take in. Seek your own answers at this time.  Mercury’s retrograde motion will highlight what needs re-thinking, re-vising, and re-working.

This New Moon offers us the opportunity to renew our relationship to our body and to revel in our fully functioning human organism which allows equal functioning of body mind, intellectual mind, and spirit/soul mind.  She encourages us to examine our intentions and to craft honest and workable routes to an equitable and enlightened state of being.  What does it mean to live upon this body, this Earth, in the body we refer to as our self among all the other bodies of all the living creatures seen and unseen and amid all the splendid bodies in the heavens, known and unknown, seen and unseen – but ALL very surely present and deeply felt?  What matters?  What matters to you?  All of us, are spirit, mind and matter.  We matter.  We all matter.  And that is the gift of Taurus – Prescience and presence… simply being.  We have much to consider and consolidate before the Sagittarius Full Moon.  Work joyfully.  Rest peacefully.  Feel deeply.  Know clearly.