Taurus New Moon – May 4, 2019

Taurus New Moon – May 4, 2019

Today’s New Moon forms at 14 degrees, 10 minutes Taurus at 3:45 pm PDT. We’ve had a rough four months. It’s been nuts. No one will disagreed with that. Slow down, look around and catch your breath. Taurus is the first Earth sign. Slow and steady, it is concerned with physicality, beauty, ease, creativity, building, good stewardship of the Earth, things of value, and personal values. New Moons sow the seeds that will come to fruition at the Full Moon later this month. Sit quietly and consider this list. The last thing this Taurus moon wants you to do is continue at the frenetic pace that marked the first quarter of 2019.

The New Moon has passed Uranus at 03 degrees Taurus. Freshly out of Aries where he gave us a master class in self-acceptance, knowledge and motivation he will remain in Taurus for 7 years – plenty of time to effect change. This is the first time they’ve been together in the sign since the 1930’s. It’s been awhile. Those were turbulent times. We’re going through a similar sort of turmoil now. Uranus is here to help us to clarify our values and to honor ourselves and our planet. What is it that you want to build – for yourself and for all sentient beings here on Earth? What do you believe in? What has value? Those are the big questions at this New Moon.

It’s a fresh start. It’s a time to allow yourself to become newly stimulated by the beauty of our planet and to ponder your personal desires. It’s time to make some serious choices. So we’re back at the place where I ask you, “What do you really want and what are you going to do about it?” It’s time to ground in the emotions of what we’ve been through. With Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes all retrograde for the next while, it’s time to evaluate the first part of this year and to reset, review, and retrieve what we know to be valuable and true. There may be some uncomfortable moments and choices to be made but it’s got to be done.

Can you connect with your power to live your life in a way that will truly harmonize with your desires and needs? Start now. Release doubt and shadow. Cultivate belief. It’s time to do that. I know that there’s a lot of inharmonious energy and fear spinning around now. It’s hard to focus after the long trek from January to now. Change is not wrong. Fear of change however, will definitely become more and more problematic as we continue through the summer because it’s going to continue no matter what. Don’t take the fear-bait. Don’t do that to yourself. Believe in your strength and power.

Taurus want to enjoy life and to share that enjoyment with others who appreciate the value of the pure joy of being in the body in this world. The Springtime is deep, erotic, lush, full of mystery and exciting. It’s Heaven on Earth. Re-enter your body and re-define your values. Use the retrograde energies of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes to refine your structures and sensibilities. Toss what’s not working once and for all. Own your power that was so hard won when Uranus was in Aries. Don’t get in your own way! Create your own Heaven on Earth. Let the energy work with you, for you, and through you.