Taurus New Moon – May 17 – 18, 2015

Taurus New Moon – May 17 – 18, 2015


The New Moon forms at 26 degrees, 55 minutes at 9:13 pm PDT on May 17 and at 4:13 am GMT on May 18, 2015.  We are flying through spring!  And we’ve almost completed our journey through Taurus.  It’s been a time to ground ourselves in the body and to revel in the delights of the physical world.  The New Moon in the last degrees of Taurus asks us to take stock of our Earth-plane lessons of the last month.  What have you come to value?  What is important to you now?  How do you intend to resolve and integrate the lessons of the Earth and her springtime?  As always, the New Moon is a time for setting intentions, and this is no exception.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, at 9 degrees 37 minutes Cancer, forms and exact trine to Neptune in Pisces on Saturday, May 16.  This is an aspect of big love and extreme romanticism.  It will affect our physical and metaphysical bodies.  Venus in Taurus exudes sensuality as well as practicality.  She is completely at home and down to earth in the sign, busily tending her lands, houses, and investments. No one can ever accuse Neptune of being down to earth but He is completely at home in the watery domain of his rulership, Pisces.  Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.  Venus is earthbound.   The energies of Neptune transcend our earthly sensual world and ascend to the realm of divine consciousness and oneness.  The oceanic/cosmic soup of Pisces and Neptune knows no boundaries or limitations.  But Neptune and Pisces also have a slim and slippery grasp on the reality of the earth plane.  It could definitely be an enchanted evening, weekend or week – or just really weird – or all of that.  These two will stay within orb for a bit so it will most likely be all of that – and more!

Venus is a busy girl just now.  On May 21, she will oppose Pluto at 15 degrees Cancer/Capricorn and square Uranus at 19 degrees Cancer/Aries on May 25.  Echoes of recent eclipses and of the Cardinal cross of events spanning 2012 – 2015 are bound to come rushing in.  We’re clear of the cross.  These powerful aspects will, however, continue to echo and reshape to our realities for some time to come – not just for months – but for years.  The configuration is more like an encapsulated review – a pop quiz if you will – than an actual event.  Remember, the moon’s nodes are still in Aries/Libra.  So Cardinal energies are still lurking around the edges of things.  Is it time to look at relationships?  Are you getting what you need there?  Are you fulfilled?  What exactly do you desire and what can or must be transformed?  These are all real questions now and big change is a real possibility.

Adding to the seemingly complex stew of things to consider, Mercury will station retrograde on May 18th at 13 degrees Gemini.  The Moon will move out of Taurus and into Gemini that day as well and two days later, the Sun will join the party.  Mars is already there waiting.  Mercury retrogrades last about 3 weeks.  He will station direct at 4 degrees Gemini on June 11 and regain his degree of retrogradation on June 27.  Our perceptions are going to be skewed during this period.  Oh sure – there will be inconveniences and rash decisions that won’t turn out well.  Lost baggage, computer mishaps, electronic glitches and all that usual kind of stuff.  But most importantly, we will be fine-tuning and re-booting our perceptual apparatus.  We will be jettisoning old and useless paradigms and programs in favor of implementing new sensory input and analysis systems.  This retrograde could not be more perfectly timed.  We may feel that we have lost our “perspective”.  This will be true.  And although it might be uncomfortable and disorienting at first – it’s actually a good thing! ( C’mon – just trust me!)  Our very basic ways of perceiving the world are changing.  We can no longer depend on the idea of “renaissance perspective” and the allied ideas of vanishing points, nearness, and distance.  Our literal horizons and perceptions of them have changed radically in the last 2 decades.  Mercury has graciously stepped forward to guide us at this crucial juncture.  He is well familiar with this house of perceptual mirrors.  This is the New Mind I have been speaking of.  Our greatest obstacle to enlightenment is our inability to “see” and/or “perceive” clearly.

The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius) translate and disseminate information. As the first mutable sign, Gemini delights in pure information.  There is no judgement attached to Gemini’s acquisition of information and this is the first thing we must learn:  non attachment and non-triggered acceptance of information.  Doing so will free us to begin to re-configure our reality and to see and perceive clearly.  Just as our perceptions had to change in order to perceive our world as not flat, so must they now change to encompass a more accurate picture of our current versions of materiality, corporeality, and spirituality.

This ain’t gonna be easy.  I’ll bet it’s going to get REAL interesting though!!!!  And we’ve got to start sometime and somewhere.  It’s all up for grabs now.  We only know what we know.  It stands to reason that there is probably more of what we don’t know than what we do know or think we know.  We have everything to gain by doing this work.  And just to keep it all real and honest, we’ve got Saturn in expansive Sagittarius opposing the party in Gemini.  Saturn is still Saturn even though he’s in Sadge – and he really does want to see us get it right.  He wants to make sure we go slow and remember that actions have consequences.  He wants us to pay attention and not go speed-bumping over the important stuff.  And he’s keeping an eye on Mercury because we all know what a trickster that guy can be.  The work won’t stop after Mercury turns direct.  Be warned.  This is a commitment and it will take some time.

Relax that fixed attitude.  Ditch the frustration.  Move into new mind.  These are transitional times.  The new beckons.  Step in.  Stay present.  Be in the new now.