Taurus New Moon – May 15, 2018

Colin Dwyer navigates a large wave at Mavericks on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2014.

Taurus New Moon – May 15, 2018

The New Moon forms at 24 degrees 36 minutes Taurus, at 4:47 am PDT and at 11:47 am GMT on May 15, 2018.  As this occurs, we see the beginnings of a break-up of pattern of Cardinal squares from planets and asteroids in Capricorn and Aries.  The party is over and by this time tomorrow night. Mars will be in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus – both at 00 degrees, ushering in a season of Fixed energies.

The Moon in Taurus has concerns that are based in physical reality.  She is in the sign of Fixed Earth.  Physical sensation, practicality, and sensuality are important to Taurus.  Dancing, singing, music, poetry, sculpture, landscaping, good stewardship of the earth, enjoyment of fine food, wine, comfortable and ample bank accounts, luxurious surroundings, and deep sexual satisfaction all rank high in importance for Taureans.  Ruled by Venus, they see and experience Earth/Gaia, the world, the universe and the body as a physical expression of divinity – the Goddess.

But the big news, of course, is the movement of Uranus, the original Sky/Creator God of Greek mythology and ruler of Aquarius from Aries to Taurus, beginning of a new 7 year cycle of change. Uranus was both son and husband of Gaia and together they created many beings that populated the earth:  the Titans, Cyclopes, Meliae, Furies, Giants, and the goddess Aphrodite to name a few. Uranus is interested in change.  He’s never bored and always creating.  He’s not particular about how things change or why. And he is just as happy to destroy as he is to create. Things don’t always turn out well for Uranus. But he doesn’t seem to care and that never keeps him from going back to the drawing board and manifesting some entirely new situation/idea/being.  His movement into Aries was accompanied by the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami/ nuclear disaster.  We can expect further and perhaps even greater earth changes during his stay in Taurus which will last until July 6, 2025.  We can also look forward to a re-alignment of values, worth, monies, currency, agriculture, ecology, and sustainability.

There’s so much going on.  It’s hard on the nervous system.  It feels tight – like something is going to burst. The energy of the wave is building, building, and beginning to crest.  We are changing, creating, and evolving. Are you ready to project your energies, skills, intuition, and physicality into manifesting a new earth and a new way of being?  Are you willing to destroy as well as create – because that will definitely be on the agenda.  How and where that will manifest for you personally is something that only you know.  And you are feeling it now.  It may uncomfortable and difficult to face these hard truths but you’ve got to do it.  Turning away from the truth of change will only court disaster.

Be kind to yourself.  Treat yourself well during this time. And learn how to slow down. We’ve been cardinal energy dominant for a while now.  We’re going to have to pay serious attention to the new fixed energies.  It’s not going to be that galloping feeling that we’ve become used to.  The fixed signs are not innovative and they’re not fast, but they will get to the bottom of things.  We are all going to have to opportunity to examine our depths – personally and collectively.

Uranus breaks habits and patterns. Taurus is concerned with worth and value.  Do you value yourself enough to drop the patterns and habits of a lifetime that obstruct your path and ultimately cause you pain?  Chiron is now out of Pisces and fully functional in Aries.  He will help you to clarify these issues and to heal yourself with regard those long-standing patterns.

Basically, the climate is perfect for change if that’s where you’re headed and what you really want.  Actually, it’s better than perfect.  But you’ve got to be honest with yourself. This is a new cycle with new energy and new rules. Change will happen and there’s no reason to suffer needlessly unless you enjoy that sort of thing. It’s change or be changed.  Starting now. Your choice. Your values. Your life.