Taurus New Moon – April 22-23, 2020

Taurus New Moon – April 22-23, 2020

The New Moon forms at 03 degrees, 23 minutes Taurus at 7:26 pm PDT, becoming full overnight in the early morning at 2:25 am GMT. The Moon loves being in Taurus where she is exalted. Tonight she is conjunct Uranus at 06 Taurus. That alone should give you a heads-up that major changes are afoot. She also squares Saturn at 01 Aquarius. He is sticking his toe into the fixed AIR of Aquarius for a trial run in the sign that he will be occupying come the end of 2020. Earth and Air do not usually interact easily. The Earth element is below. The Air is above. Each has its own realm. They mostly co-exist and interact amicably. We are entering some very fixed energy. The activity of the Cardinal signs, particularly the planets in Cardinal Earth, have been center stage for a while and will continue to spark and initiate new thoughts and strategies. That’s their thing… However, in the meantime, the fixed signs say that we have some choices to make.

Taurus makes us aware of our relationship to the earth. Venus, her ruler creates and maintains form, substance, and value. She encourages us to develop our personal and global consciousness as well as our mental and ecological awareness and actions. We are literally being challenged to “shelter in place” – to “make a stand” – to commit a truer and more genuine long-term program of change and evolution for humanity, the planet and our universe.. The fixed energies have declared that a choice must be made. No more equivocating. No more Cardinal signs leading the charge and proposing agendas. The Fixed signs say – “ENOUGH”! – The question is – “What kind of life do you want? And what are you willing to leave behind to have that?” Because you cannot keep everything.

This question has been popping up insistently and in many guises for the last couple of years. Uranus in Taurus wants change from the ground up and does not much care how that comes about. He will take it any way he can get it. And he is quite inventive – so don’t challenge him! Today is Earth Day. Half the planets in the sky are in earth. Do you think that that is some sort of flukey thing that just happened by some coincidence of the calendar? Umm – No – I do not think so….

We are experiencing Earth Medicine up close and personal as the Corona Virus engages and challenges us at every turn of our carefully crafted lives. The planet, meanwhile seems to be loving the effects of us staying inside. Every part of our ecology is being challenged. Our planet expresses herself very directly when she has something to say. She is communicating with us by offering us the gift of interaction with her elements – Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Are we getting the picture? Well, let’s hope so!

There seem to be a lot of new “restrictions” coming into play, fading away and being replaced with new more ambiguous restrictions and possibilities… And there seems to be an equal amount of people who do and don’t follow the protocols. This is not unusual given that Neptune is semi-squaring Uranus. Things are fuzzy and sometimes downright untrue. So you can be sure there’s more to the tales we’re being told than you might think. And just wait – If you want to dither back and forth and live in the netherworld wondering what will happen next but taking no action – well – this is it. It’s a good time to make some decisions and stick to them.

We’ll be heading into eclipse season come June. On May 5, the Moon will move over the North and South Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn and pass into the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. This happens every 19 years and sets the agenda for our eclipse seasons. It is the PERFECT time to set a course for the future. Uranus is all about the future and he would love to have a sit-down with you. I encourage you to take a risk and bet on yourself. This is a definite portal and it’s time to move. Reach inside. Find the center of your individual vision and desire. Bring it out into the light of day where it can emanate, pulse, breathe, and most of all -GROW. This is an ending and a beginning. The window for movement is closing.
Decide NOW.