Taurus Full SuperMoon – November 14, 2016

Taurus Full SuperMoon – November 14, 2016

The Full Moon forms at 22 degrees, 37 minutes Taurus at 5:52 am PST on November 14, 2016. This full moon is the third of four SuperMoons in a row.  Tonight’s moon is the closest and largest Super Moon since January 26, 1948.  The next SuperMoon of this proximity and magnitude will be on November 25, 2034.  The Full Moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual. So get out there as the Moon rises and take a good look.  She will be beautiful.  The Moon adores being in Taurus, the sign of her exaltation.  Tonight she pulls out all the stops and blasts us with her opalescent beam.

As promised, at the Scorpio New Moon, the momentum and power of the current energies is markedly different to what it was at the end of October.  Tonight we stand at the center of November.  The view from here, especially in the United States is an unexpected, uncertain, and unnerving one.  Obviously not the one that forecasters and political analysts predicted.  Nothing looks the way it did.  Nothing is the way it was.  Tonight we have been disabused of our familiar expectations and assumptions.  Change has occurred and no one knows what that means.

Over the past few days the personal planets have moved forward.  Mercury is now in Sagittarius.   Venus is newly arrived in Capricorn.  Mars has moved into Aquarius.   None of these new positions are particularly optimal.  Mercury at 03 Sadge is in detriment opposite the sign of his rulership.  And while he might find the lofty discourse of Sagittarius somewhat interesting for a while, it’s not the sort of thing that will hold his attention.  Mercury is not concerned with philosophy and social welfare.  He likes pure abstract information.  Venus at 02 Capricorn is likewise not in her element.  She can be effective in Capricorn but her ability to express her creativity, sensuality, and aesthetic concerns is diverted to organizational and authoritarian pursuits.  Likewise, Mars at 03 Aquarius is focused on the future, innovation, and social re-organization rather than the implementation of actions that typically result in the achievement of personal ambitions.  It’s not that Mercury, Venus and Mars will get into any particular sort of trouble during their stay in these signs; but they won’t be at their best either.

What do you value?  The Taurus Full Moon wants to know.  Taurus, ruled by Venus, is the first Earth sign – concerned with the physical plane and what works there.  It’s all about learning how to run energy in these precious bodies of ours.  The body is our first and really our only true possession.  We must learn to own and operate it with care and with love.  We must learn to stand, to walk, and finally to run, twirl, jump and pirouette, climb mountains and swim rivers, and laugh together in each other’s embrace… The body knows…

Where do you stand?  What do you stand for?  What will you NOT stand for?  Do you stand for the right of all beings everywhere to have free access to clean water?  Do you stand with those who would protect our resources?  Do you stand for racial equality?  Do you stand for LGBT rights and equality before the law?  Do you stand for equal pay for equal work?  Do you stand against child abuse and slavery?  Do you stand against climate change deniers and with those that would attempt to heal our Earth? Do you stand with artists, musicians, poets, writers,  dancers, acrobats and yogis, working to transform our ordinary realities into “art”?  Do you stand with refugees and immigrants seeking to be free from hunger, tyranny, endless wars, and suffering?  Do you stand with the homeless who seek shelter and a safe place to rest at night? Do you stand with endangered species and endangered populations?

Do not be afraid.  This shift to the right exemplified by Brexit, the American Presidential election, and the seemingly global trend toward conservatism is a backlash by those who would have us return to a past that even they don’t really remember.  They are selling fear.  Don’t buy it.   Do not be afraid.

We are staring uncertainty in the face.  We cannot know what will happen next.  And really, that’s okay.  It’s actually as it should be.  Do not be afraid.  It may be that things will have to get weirder and/or worse before they get better.  The forces that are dangling uncertainty in our faces in order to frighten us want us to back down, give up, and run home to our safe little entertainment centers where we can lose ourselves in endless diversions that lead nowhere and only cause more fear and isolation. They are waiting for us to blink, cut, and run.  Don’t blink.  Don’t run.  Don’t allow fear to take hold.  Do not despair!

Focus on the physical plane.  Use your amazing body.  Stand in your truth.  Stand in the generous light of this gorgeous Full Moon.  Stand on and with the Earth and each other.  Stand in Love.