Taurus Full Moon – October 30-31, 2020

Taurus Full Moon – October 30-31, 2020

October’s second Full Moon was shining very brightly last night. It’s the proverbial “Blue Moon” as in “Once in a Blue Moon.” They don’t happen very often. I tried to write but found myself bewitched by the fabulous moonlight and the magical landscape she illuminated. The sky was an inky blue -black and the stars twinkled and shimmered. The Moon was sublime in her role as leading lady! This morning, at 7:49 am PDT (2:49 pm GMT), the Moon was technically full at 08 degrees, 38 minutes in the sign of her Exaltation –Taurus. She will be gorgeous again tonight no doubt. At the same time she began a conjunction with Uranus – at 08 degrees 41 minutes Retrograde -also in Taurus.

Shall we say that Taurus is not exactly a favorite destination for Uranus. The outer planets beyond Saturn have no essential “dignity” as do the inner planets that are more familiar, more personal, and more readily seen with the naked eye. But if they did – Uranus would be considered as being in the sign of his Fall – which would be to say that he has no dignity at all in Taurus. That would explain quite a lot. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was March 1935 – August 1941. Not exactly a peaceful period in our planet’s history. So – it’s an uneasy but interesting alliance that’s going on between the Moon in Exaltation and Uranus opposite the Sun in Scorpio and in the sign of his Fall. An extreme position to be sure – but not unfamiliar to Uranus as he goes to extremes joyfully on many occasions.

Scorpio seeks power, passion, regeneration, and above all transformation. He is ruled by Pluto and was formerly ruled by Mars. Pluto desires transformation of what is not working. Especially what is hindering our forward motion. He represents a descent into darkness which will eventually and inevitable result in a return to the light – a rebirth – and a new trajectory. Taurus strives for simplicity, quality of life, harmony, comfort, and stability. Taurus is often thought of in connection with finance and money – but it’s true concern is with value as in: “what do I value?” The Full Moon in a fixed sign will bring up strong emotions, increase tension, and lead to the breakdown of long held ideas and patterns that are no longer operative or optimal for the collective. It’s been a quite a few decades and a long time coming – but – Uranus knows how to assist the collective when it come to disassembling and re-configuring. Uranus is less than 3 minutes away from the Moon. He can do that with his eyes shut!

Venus, the ruler of Taurus is at 04 degrees Libra in her other sign of rulership opposing Chiron at 06 Aries, calling attention to areas that might need our personal attention and healing. Aries is the sign of the Individual (with a capital !!) And this is a perfect time to take stock of what’s been happening at a personal level – emotionally, socially, and collectively. While we’re examining what needs revision and disassembling at a collective level – it’s an ideal time to take stock of how we embody or reject our best and worst selves and how we might redefine and integrate that going forward.

Mercury stations direct in Libra on November 3, (Election Day here in the U.S.) ending his retrograde that began on October 13th at 12 degrees Scorpio. He reaches that origin point again on November 19. Mercury is information, communication, and commerce. The last time Mercury stationed direct on the day of the U.S. Election was November 7, 2000. That was the George Bush- Al Gore debacle. The results of that election were decided by the Supreme Court 36 days later on December 12, 2020. This time Mercury turns direct at 25deg53min Libra at 9:51 am PST on November 3rd, at the same time squaring the Capricorn Stellium (of course… and particularly close to Saturn suggesting that there may be delays in finalizing the results of the election). The Moon will be in Gemini square Neptune and the Lunar Nodes – So – with Neptune, who loves a good game of “What’s True is False and What’s False is True “ in play – things might get fuzzy and/or might take some time to come to their correct and clear conclusion.

Mars will station direct on November 13th at 15deg Aries ending it’s two-month retrograde. The day before this event Pluto makes his 3rd conjunction to Jupiter this year, enhancing our ability to see, feel and think more deeply and profoundly – to see the enormous possibilities that exist within these precarious and unprecedented time. This Full Moon will reveal how we access, hold, and distribute power as well as how we face our fears, habits, intractability, and OUR PERSONAL AND COLLECTIVE SHADOWS. But most of all this Full Moon will illuminate ALL OF THIS – and lead the way to our transformation and regeneration. Stick around – I know we can do it.