Taurus Full Moon – October 27, 2015

Taurus Full Moon – October 27, 2015

Who knows where the time goes?  It’s almost November.  The Full Moon forms at 03 degrees, 44 minutes Taurus at 5:05 a.m. PDT on October 27, 2015.  Five days later, we in the United States, will return to “Standard Time”, losing another hour of precious daylight to the tyranny of the calendar and the season.  It’s time for Halloween, All Saints Day,  Day of the Dead, and other ancient celebrations marking the approach of winter. These are the Pagan Cross-Quarter Day fire festivals.  These festivals mark the center of the seasons and celebrate the concentration of the energies of the Fixed signs.  The Moon is in Taurus and the Sun is in Scorpio.  The veil between the worlds of darkness and light is very thin at this time of year.  This Full Moon sheds light on the physical and non-physical worlds.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus and as it happens, the degree associated with her exaltation is 03, where she lands at this Full Moon.  She loves being in Taurus, luxuriating in the earthy energy and conversing with her friend, Venus, ruler of the sign as they dine and enjoy the considerable creature comforts available in Taurus.  The Moon feels safe and happy here, receiving and reflecting the light of the Sun in Scorpio.

Moon enjoys spending time with Venus.  They are reviewing her long forward and back journey through Leo into Virgo and all the connections she made over the course of the summer and all the other important contacts she’s made this year. Conjunctions to Jupiter – expansion and philosophical idealism (another of which is occurring as I write), trine to Uranus – revolution and innovation, a square to Saturn – limitation and structure, her current opposition to Chiron – our personal prescription for healing, and quincunx to Uranus – an oblique pentangonal aspect of revolution and change as well as three conjunctions with Mars – movement, aggression and desire, the last of which will occur on November 2 in Virgo.  They will remain within 10 degrees of each other for the next three months.   Wow!  She’s been working hard.  It has been a Venus intensive this year – for sure!

All this Venus activity signals a realignment of the male/female paradigm.  When you think about it, Moon and Venus are really the only two major feminine players in the astrological game.  Yes, there are asteroids and other bodies with feminine attributes.  Moon and Venus are on duty 100% of the time, no matter what type of astrological system you’re using.  The Moon in Taurus is concerned with what has meaning and value.  Not just for women, but for all people.  Venus, now in Virgo finds herself to be practical, discerning and completely competent.  Venus is prodding the masculine planets.  She wants them to pay attention and expand their notions of male/female roles and relationship.  If one contact from her won’t do the trick – no worries, she’ll be back around again – and she’ll be visiting all your friends too.

Intellectually, it might be easy to realign the masculine and the feminine.  In practical (Virgoan) fact, it’s going to take some major effort.  The journey from Libra, an intellectual air sign, to Scorpio, an emotional water sign seems like a short hop – right next door.  But it might as well be another galaxy.  The contrast is stark, much as the energy of the Full Moon (fully illuminated – completely revealed) is starkly different to that of the New Moon (fully obscured and completely hidden).  Libra is, for the most part, an intellectual, airy and above-board participant in most matters.  He can play it close to the vest if necessary but his basic nature is one of generous equilibrium, diplomacy, and decorous dominance whenever possible.  He is not terribly personal, but he’s very social. This is how he gains power.   Scorpio on the other hand, dwells in the depths of desire, primal emotion, and closely held authority.   She is personal in the extreme and extremely secretive.  This is how she gains power.   Where Libra assumes the possibility of a level playing field, Scorpio assumes the possibility of a rigged game or treachery.  So you see they have vastly different temperaments.

Venus and Mars.  Mars and Venus.  We’ve got to make another try at getting this thing right. Shall we be suspicious of one another?  Or shall we assume a fair and equitable agenda?   We say we want to love and be loved; but do we really desire power over the beloved?  How can we mend our ways?  Venus Opposite Chiron in Virgo/Pisces says, “There is a way.”  Neither of these signs has an agenda linked to power.  Neither desires dominion over the other.  Both are concerned above all else, with service to all beings everywhere and with health, healing and universal well-being.  When we release our tales of victimhood and abandon our suspicions and doubt of the “other” – whoever that may be – and step into true honest vulnerability, we will then be able to craft a new model of both social and intimate relationships based in strength, equality, love and unity.  And that is worth doing – not only for our individual personal relationships but for all our relationships with all beings.

We’ve got work to do.  So enjoy this gorgeous Full Moon.  Delight in these last few weeks before winter takes hold.  Eat delicious foods.   Savor the smells of the earth, the warmth of the Sun, and the brightness of this Moon.  Enjoys those you love.   Look at them in truth and vulnerability with new eyes.