Taurus Full Moon – October 24, 2018

Taurus Full Moon – October 24, 2018
Full Moons are the culmination of a cycle. There is an ending, a ripeness that has been achieved that must now wane and eventually fade from view. It is a letting go of fulfillment and a transition to an ending – a death, but with the promise of rebirth, resurrection, renewal and in time, a new beginning. This is the gift of our Moon to us. We rest well knowing that she is about her business and is assisting us with her translations of the universal planetary energies so that we might be in greater harmony with all that is. She is our teacher. We trust that her itinerary will return us to the New and Full Moons that we have come to depend on.
Tonight’s Full Moon forms at 1 degree, 13 minutes Taurus as she opposes the Sun at 1 degree, 13 minutes Scorpio. The Sun stands beside and conjuncts Venus retrograde at 04 degrees Scorpio while the Moon conjuncts Uranus retrograde at 0 degrees Taurus. In addition, the North and South Nodes at 01 degree Leo and Aquarius respectively create, with the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Uranus a tight grand square (or cross if you prefer to think of it that way) in the four fixed signs. Early degrees and late degrees of a sign are extremely potent. This Moon in Taurus coupled with revolutionary Uranus shines directly and pointedly on our personal value systems, confronting us with uncertainty and promise of dramatic change and upheaval that will occur over the next seven years (the length of Uranus’ stay in Taurus).
This energy is FAST. It’s also all over the place. There’s no one focus. Uranus is a big picture guy. Rules will vanish suddenly and then just as suddenly be re-written. Changes will occur seemingly overnight. When the changes hit they will be irrevocable. There will be breakdowns and breakthroughs. There will be no returning to the seductive past. This is a distinct turn in the road, a cleavage if you will, in the history of Earth. And it begins in earnest tonight.
The question for tonight and the next five months is: “What do you value?” The South Node reminds us of patterns brought forward into this incarnation that need to be left behind. The habits of countless past lifetimes leak into this life creating lack of clarity, laziness, inappropriate fears, and inertia. What needs to be let go in order to activate your North Node and advance your soul’s trajectory this time around? Uranus will retrograde into Aries on November 7, (the day after the United States’ midterm elections) and not return to Taurus until March 6, 2019.
So you’ve got some time – but DO NOT dick around! This is way more important than you might think. And remember – I said this energy is FAST!!! Look at your chart and make note of the signs and houses involved. Releasing your personal past will be huge. Releasing our collective human past will be more difficult but equally necessary. Our ability to claim, tame, and reframe our patterns of behavior and thought that have clung to us across lifetimes is critical now. We all have darkness and a shady side within. Find the reins for this horse you rode in on, climb aboard and work to gentle that beast. Find a way to ride that horse in love, and integrity.
We’re moving toward a new Earth. Does your current life support this movement? Ready or not – the changes are coming. Realizing your heart’s desires and your soul’s purpose is no small thing. Uranus and the Moon (who is exalted in Taurus) work together to show you the higher realms that are available to you. Venus, the divine feminine (the Ruler of Taurus though she is currently in Scorpio), and the Sun, our life force, stand ready to work their way to the center of the Grand Fixed Cross where today they will meet with Uranus and the Full Moon. They will show up. They will do the work. And they will get on with it. Just as we must. These next two weeks between now and the New Moon on November 7 are NOT the time to begin anything new or radical. Be honest with yourself about who’s who and what’s what. Feel into that because it’s going to be critical. Then turn your attention to the future. Head toward your personal True North.