Taurus Full Moon – November 17, 2013

Taurus Full Moon – November 17, 2013


The Full Moon forms at 24 degrees 26 minutes Taurus at 7:15 am PST on November 17 2013.   Taurus is the first Earth sign, concerned with grounding the spirit in the body, relating to the material world that surrounds us, and creating beauty and harmony at an earthly level.  Taurus seeks to inhabit and transform on the physical plane while its opposite sign, Scorpio, seeks to transform at more esoteric levels.


You may notice that the Full Moon occurred this morning on the west coast of the United States and this afternoon in Western Europe, but that this is being posted late in the evening PST.  Well – it’s been an exhausting eclipse season for yours truly so I’ve been a little slow to get things going here on my end.


I have been going on at great length for some time now about the Uranus-Pluto squares.  And I know everyone’s been feeling it.  This last one was and continues to be particularly intense for me as Pluto in Capricorn is sitting in exact conjunction with my Chiron and opposing my natal Sun-Venus-Uranus conjunction.  Uranus in Aries is approaching my midheaven and squaring my Sun-Venus-Uranus conjunction as well as squaring my Chiron and opposing my Saturn-Neptune conjunction. Sounds messy, huh?  But wait, there’s more fun.   Gosh, you might say; what’s left?  Well, just to make sure that there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, I incarnated with Jupiter in Taurus opposite my Moon and Mars in Scorpio.  This aspect has been a mixed blessing over the course of my life.  But I don’t need to remind anyone what’s been going on with Scorpio and Taurus lately – do I?  Toss in my Mercury conjunct my ascendant square to the goings- on in Scorpio and Taurus and trine Uranus and you have a complete picture of what’s been happening over here chez moi.  It’s kind of crowded in here!!!


So I am smack dab in the middle of it, folks.  Some days it’s all I can do to stay in my own energy/body self.  I am blessed with congenial surroundings, work, a yoga practice and an astrology practice that I adore and that keep me anchored in the now, and of course, with good friends and loved ones who put up with my shit most of the time.   The work has been relentless.  Just when I think I’ve finished a piece I get blindsided by another chunk of dark matter.  Sometimes it’s actually funny – hysterically so.  And sometimes I just can’t believe that the big onion of my life has yet another layer to peel and a new round of tears for me to cry.


On the positive side, Jupiter in Cancer is transiting my Sun-Venus-Uranus combo and trining the Scorpio placements.  And transiting Chiron and Neptune are trining my water sign placements.  So – it’s been, as they say – interesting.  And I am grateful for all experiences and all the possibilities they bring


But I’m up for the work because really, it’s what I came here to do.  I said I would and I will.  I am willing.


The Taurus Full Moon is a good time to look around and take stock.  Make sure you’ve got your winter protocols in place.  Bring in the livestock, metaphorically speaking.   We’re moving into the darkest time of the year with little to light our path.  Take advantage of this moment to be fully in your body, mind and spirit.  Enjoy the feasts and fellowship of the season.  As we look into the heavens we see Sagittarius just ahead.  We take out our bow and arrow and aim high for the center of our galaxy and the center of our souls. We walk into the darkness with nothing but courage, faith, love, and our bow and quiver.  All in all it’s a great time to be here, don’t you think?