Summer Solstice, Cancer New Moon, and Solar Eclipse – June 20-21, 2020

Summer Solstice, Cancer New Moon, and Solar Eclipse – June 20 – 21, 2020

It’s been a few hours since the peak of the Summer Solstice. The light has been exceptionally bright, clear and merciless today. It is still incredibly bright at 8:00 pm. The Sun has given us all he has to give today. This is our gift to treasure and hold as we make our way through the last hours of Spring and step forward into Summer. All in all we will have close to 15 hours of sunlight today here in Northern California.

The Sun and Moon are aligned at 00 degrees, 21 minutes Cancer. Tonight’s New Moon on one of the Cardinal World Points initiates us into the next phase of 2020 with a Solar Eclipse at that will occur at 11:42 pm PDT. It will be visible in central Africa, southern Pakistan, northern India, and China. This is an annular eclipse where a narrow ring of light, the Sun’s Corona, is still visible. This is sometimes referred to as “The Ring of Fire” Solar eclipses occur every 19 years at the same or extremely close degrees of their sign. On June 21, 2001 there was a solar eclipse at 00 degrees, 14 minutes Cancer, very close to the degrees of today’s eclipse. This is a sister eclipse to the 2001 event. Solar eclipses are often harbingers of definitive endings and new beginnings. In September 2001 we in the United States experienced the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City. And from that moment on things changed quickly and dramatically.

We find ourselves at a place and time where again, things are changing quickly, curiously, unexpectedly, relentlessly, even violently, and especially on all fronts. This period of time – June 5 through July 5 will show us three eclipses – two Lunar eclipses and one very large and effective Solar Eclipse that will set the pace and the agenda for the rest of 2020 and beyond. Yes – It has been an intense year so far. These are tumultuous, uncertain, unprecedented, and extremely emotional times. And that will continue. Our best course of action is to concentrate on the reality of our own personal situations. We are not helpless. We need not be fearful. But we must pay attention to what is in our laps. Realize that our world is indeed changing and that there will be no “Going back to normal”.

Understand your situation and look ahead. This is the time to release old worn-out ideas and habits. Are you living where you want to live? Are you happy where you are? Don’t skip over your feelings and desires. Make changes now. What is not serving you? What is keeping you from your truth? It may feel difficult to move forward. We have a pile-up of retrograde planets at this time. Venus, (stations direct on 6/25 ) Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune (beginning 7/2), Pallas Athena, and Pluto are all retrograde. This leaves only Mars and Uranus moving direct. They’re trying with all their strength to move ahead… But it’s a struggle.

Mars is currently at 25 degrees of Pisces. He’s in opposition to the Galactic Center in Sadge – not good. He’s not loving it there – he’s frustrated and sick of Neptune’s delusions and program of gossip, rumor and, imaginary situations. But at the same time he is sextile to the Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Pallas Athena conjunction in Capricorn. This is encouraging. This gives him some juice – but not as much as he will gain on June 27, when he will enter his sign of rulership – Aries. He will finally be free to stretch out and be himself. He will be assertive, spontaneous, and bold as well as aggressive, quarrelsome, and reckless. Uranus is in Taurus, where he has not been since the late 1930’s (Pre-World War II). He itching to initiate some changes as well. Mars and Uranus are eager to initiate change and move toward their (and our) destinies. We will have to be careful to choose our battles and agendas wisely. Mars will be in Aries for the rest of 2020 and on into 2021 – a good part of that time he’ll be retrograde. So, as Bette Davis would say: “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

There is a sense of timelessness and spatial ambiguity that drifts and swirls about us with no apparent pattern or agenda. We can attribute that to Neptune in Pisces, cloaking and revealing and then cloaking again – playing hide and seek with himself and us, and our consciousness. It’s important to acknowledge this in the midst of all the uncertainty, sabre-rattling, financial schemes, pandemics, political brou-ha-ha, revolution, and general change and mayhem. Stay grounded. If you notice that others are nodding off to sleep and you feel like that might be a good idea –