Scorpio New Moon – October 30, 2016

Scorpio New Moon – October 30, 2016

The New Moon forms at 07 degrees, 43 minutes, Scorpio at 10:38 am PDT.  October has been a mixed bag for sure.  It’s been a massive review, a kick in the head, and a selective foreshadowing of things to come.  Tonight’s new Moon in Scorpio calls us to account, asking each of us to decide.  What will I take forward?  What and who will be left behind?  What do I desire? What have I learned over the last eighteen months?  What do I know now that I didn’t know then?  And finally:  what am I going to do about all of that?

It’s Scorpio-time, my friends.  No more Libra nicey-nice.  The underworld is as close as a falling leaf or a lover’s caress and can be embodied in either or both. There’s a sense of impending danger and other-worldly power.  The slightest stirring of dust in a forgotten corner draws our attention.  We are headed into the darkest time of the year.  It is here that we encounter those things and situations that lie just out of sight, off to the side, or slightly beneath.  That’s the first layer.  The wind picks up.  You pull your coat around you.  Birds scatter.  It gets darker. And we find ourselves deeper, further in, headed for the core where we meet our very own personal power source.  The Underworld opens and rises to meet us, first inviting, then insisting that we stay for a little look around.  There’s work to do here.  But we must be quick.

Mars has been large and in charge this year.  And we know that Mars is all about getting what he wants – what he desires!  In 2015, Venus held the stage.  She is concerned with relationship and what has value.  2016 has been a Mars Intensive coupled with a master class in Mutability.  We’ve been negotiating a relationship/desire/awareness training.  It’s been confusing.  Between that and the incessant Mutable oppositions and squares we haven’t known which end is up.  That’s coming to an end.  And just as we’re finding some familiarity with the rocking and rolling of the mutable signs, here comes a review of the Cardinal Cross…And you know what that means…  Cardinal signs require decisions and action based on those decisions.

The time has come to choose.  Mars, the original and ancient ruler of Scorpio is in Capricorn, the sign of his exaltation, conjunct Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio and the forever ruler of the Underworld.  They, along with Venus (ruler of both Taurus and Libra – values and relationships) and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn – structure and limitation) who are conjunct this evening, stand ready to render final judgements in the matters of the first paragraph.  This is an impressive cadre.  As Samhain/Halloween dawns on Monday morning we will be in the final sorting process.  By midnight and All Saints Day, it will be done.

There are many powerful forces at work during this New Moon.  Scorpio is the last personal sign, dealing as it does with intimate knowledge of the self and other.  This is intimate relationship in the most narrow and yet broadest sense.  When we move into Sagittarius we enter the realm of the transpersonal where we begin in earnest to deal with what serves the greatest good for all beings.  Scorpio is the last stop on the personal evolution line.  The imperative here is: “transform or die”.  It could just as easily be stated as “transform and die”, as death is just another transformation really.  But the choice of course, is always yours.

In the United States we are facing a presidential election that no one feels very positive about.  There is a sense that no matter what we do – the outcome will be unsavory.  Yet we are tasked with upholding our political process so that future political practices and choices stand the chance of effecting change.  It’s a horrible situation.  And yet the choice MUST be to act – to participate.  In other words, whatever your personal situation, your personal choices entail, you MUST chose and you MUST act.  Failing to do so will not only put you at a disadvantage, it will jeopardize your future happiness and your soul’s trajectory.

The choices will not be easy.  They will be big and they will directly impact your path to the year 2020.  Release and vigorously break free!  If you have not felt the urge to release, you will feel it this weekend.  Imagine standing in the breakers at the beach and fighting the tug of the ocean as it pulls you out to the uncertainty of the sea.  Can you feel that?  Will you break free of the beach and be swept out into the great unknown waters of possibility and the future – or will you fight your way back to the familiarity of the shore?  Once the decision is made – it will be rather final.  (Ok – maybe you have till the full moon.) But by then the energy will be collapsing.

We are at the border.  We are either crossing the border or we are not.  Once that decision is made the border will close.  You will have to look for another crossing if you happen to change your mind.  And that might take quite a while.

Be extra honest with yourself this Halloween.  And extra kind and loving to your angels and demons and to the angels and demons of those around you.  Because everywhere you look, you’ll see yourself.  We’ve been lost in the “Funhouse” and it’s time to decide.  Are you going or staying?  Trick or Treat….?