Scorpio New Moon – November 7, 2018

Scorpio New Moon – November 7, 2018
Ok – Ok – I know I’m late. My apologies – there’s just too much going on!
The New Moon at 15 degrees, 10 minutes Scorpio was exact this morning at 8:01 am PST. This is a major change of pace, direction, expectations – you fill in the blank. Many, many, many, times before I’ve said that the Full Moon gets all the love and attention but it’s the New Moon that really owns the show. Yes, the Moon is dark. The night sky gives us no information as to her location. It is the time before birth. The New Moon initiates us each month into the new and salient qualities of the energetics of the next 28 days. Tonight’s moon will be a powerful example of just how important a New Moon can be.
Fifteen degrees of Scorpio is not only the mid-point of Scorpio, it is also the mid-point between the Autumnal equinox and the Winter Solstice. The days are noticeable shorter. The nights grow longer and colder. The Earth and we experience a profound shift during this time. We prepare in earnest for the dark time and winter.
Today’s New Moon coincides with a change in the Lunar Nodes from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn where they will be until May 4, 2020. The last time the Nodes were in Cancer/Capricorn was October 19, 1988 to April 8, 2000. The Nodes move in anti-clockwise direction, beginning their stay in a sign polarity at 29 degrees – the end of the sign. They finish their journey at 00 degrees of that sign before moving on. What were you doing what were you doing during 1988 – 2000? What is front and center for you now?
The South Node (Capricorn) represents karmic patterns and habits, belief systems, and ways of being that are no longer useful or helpful to the collective and to each of us personally. In Capricorn, these represent the abuse of authority and power at a personal or collective level as well as insistence and reliance on tradition-bound, well-worn, and no longer effective methods for living. In other words: habitual behavior based on nothing other than past habitual behaviors passed down from generation to generation or from the 18 year old you, to the 28 year old you, to the 40 year old you… You get the picture.
The North Node represents our collective trajectory and aspirations. It challenges us to reach for the unfamiliar, untried, and deeply longed for. The North node encourages us to use every resource at our command to break free from the habitual suffering of the South Node (even though it feels so achingly, painfully familiar and comfortable). The Cancer end of the polarity emphasizes our sense of emotional and physical security and well-being. Cancer is feminine, ruled by the Moon. She is receptive, feeling oriented, concerned with nutrition- in the physical as well as spiritual sense, and dedicated to the establishment of a secure base of operations – a place to call HOME. Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs. They will require quick and decisive action. This is not the ‘take your time thinking it over” energy of the Fixed signs. No indeed! Take a few weeks – say until the Full Moon to feel into this new energy. Then be ready to move and to be alert to possibility.
It’s a festival/celebration of 29 degrees out there folks! Jupiter is getting ready to move from 29 degrees of Scorpio to 00 degrees Sagittarius (the sign of his rulership) on November 8. Uranus is retrograde as of today at 29 Aries. Mars at 25 degrees Aquarius is approaching 29. Chiron is at 28 degrees Pisces ready to move ahead. And the Nodes are at 29 degrees Cancer Capricorn respectively. 29 degrees is difficult. It’s the end of the line. It’s hard to say goodbye but you know you must. It’s painful but necessary. This is an unraveling of our old ways – but it’s also the beginning of a new era of discovery and exploration.
You may ask yourself, “Am I ready for this? Am I really ready to move this fast?” Like I said – take a couple of weeks to meditate on the new trajectory. Check in at the Full Moon. Remember that this moon – this New Moon in Scorpio is the leader of the energies of the next 18 months. She rules the North Node for this entire period. And she will co-rule every other lunation we have during this time. So if you think that the Moon is just this pleasant little body that follows the earth around – think again. She is fast, powerful, accurate, strong, loving, protective, mostly peaceful, and dedicated to the Earth and her inhabitants.
There are a lot of changes, illusions, and switch-backs to get through in the weeks and months ahead. Because of the aspects from Neptune to the Nodes and the quincunx of Uranus to Jupiter – nothing will be resolved at the current time. We need to wait for the energy to settle and find its groove. In the meantime, do not be give away your attention to something or someone that is a clever or pleasant distraction. See the truth of situations. Take care of your own concerns. Balance and align with your source and passion. Whatever you do – think it through! The Moon, no matter where she is – will guide you and keep you on the path. Even when she’s invisible she’s still working for you. Trust that.