Scorpio New Moon – November 18, 2017

Scorpio New Moon – November 18, 2017

The New Moon forms at 26 degrees, 19 minutes Scorpio at 3:42 am PST on November 18, 2017.  A new cycle has begun.  This New Moon finds the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and the asteroid Vesta all in Scorpio.  So if you’ve been feeling that things are just a bit more intense than usual – (and really, who hasn’t been feeling that since the Solar Eclipse on August 21?).  Well, you’re in good company.  By the time the New Moon leaves Scorpio at 10:59 pm PST tonight, she will have squared the August eclipse point.  The Sun will square that point on November 20, adding reinforcement to the Moon’s efforts.

Adjustments, decisions and plans must be made and finalized now even though that feels impossible.   There’s a sort of unease, apprehensiveness, and inability to concentrate that’s circulating now.  It feels disconnected, nebulous, and sometimes dull and lazy.  But there’s also a nagging sense that we’ve got to get on with it.  If only we could dispel that vague feeling of ineffectiveness and indecision.  This is a time of gathering.  It’s a time to review and retool your trajectory.  It’s a time to whittle down and focus.  During the next six weeks we have the opportunity to get clear about the “Next Phase” – whatever that means to you. Saturn is fast approaching the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius.  He will conjunct that point for the third and final time this year on November 24.  This event will galvanize our decision-making process, allowing us to more easily jettison what’s got to go.  The Galactic Center is a giant black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  What better place to release our inertia, and unwanted baggage?

Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio in early October ushered in a wave of illuminating and expansive energy that is penetrating into the darkest areas of our psyches at both a personal and collective level. This will continue unabated for the next year.  It is a time to openly acknowledge old abuses of power, long held fears, desires, goals and limitations.   Scorpio wants to uncover, understand and transform.  No secret is safe, no taboo is so daunting that it cannot be breached, no hidden thing can remain lost, stolen, or unaccounted for under this aspect.  Nothing and no one can be concealed from the motivated scrutiny of Scorpio.  And here’s the kicker:  Good luck with lying to or hiding from yourself!  It’s not gonna work – so please, don’t engage in that!

Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces at this new Moon, supporting our desire to deploy our immense stores of love in order to live our most heartfelt and biggest dreams.  Can you feel into that?  Can you feel how daring and rich that can be? And can you feel how that’s going to help you decide?

Planets are on the move.  Things are changing quickly.  Saturn returns to Capricorn after a 28 year absence from the sign of his rulership two days before the Winter Solstice.  Boom! “I’m home!!!!”  Get ready because there will be some fast and serious changes ahead.  Saturn will join Pluto in Capricorn.  There will definitely be a brand new agenda.  Black Moon Lilith is also visiting Capricorn.  She’s not likely to put up with more of the same from the patriarchy.  She’ll be on board with Jupiter, investigating, uncovering and exposing the hidden the secrets the power elite – all the dirty secrets involving Sex, Money and Power. Saturn and Pluto have plans….

There will be changes. And more changes.  There’s no more stalling that.  The train is almost up to speed and moving forward.  But here’s the thing:  You have changed.  You are ready to change some more.  Nothing is going back to the way it was. Nothing.  You’re just not used to that idea yet.  You can do it.  And you have this time NOW – to set it up using what you’ve learned in the last five years.  Be honest with yourself.  You are NOT the same person now that you were then – nope – you are TOTALLY different.  Trust that your spirt-self will be able to propel you into the new physical reality that awaits us all.  Trust that you now possess the ability to harmonize with and ground in that new state of being.  You are calm in your center now.  You see and feel things differently.  You even walk and stand differently. You have the ability to take responsibility for and to choose your reality.  This is a brand new cycle.  Believe, trust, love, and transform.