Scorpio New Moon – November 14-15, 2020

Scorpio New Moon – November 14-15, 2020

Tonight’s New Moon is in Scorpio at 23 degrees, 17 minutes. It’s a dark moon that forms at 9:07pm, PST on November 14 here in the United States, and on November 15 at 5:07 am GMT in Europe. It is said that our Moon was created to keep Earth and her inhabitants company through the long nights – so that they could believe in the light that would return each morning enabling life to exist on the planet. The New Moon is invisible. Her potential is as yet unseen but is keenly felt. This year’s uncertainty has been deep and wide. It’s been difficult to navigate the intensity of the seemingly infinite and ever-present intensity of knowing and yet- not knowing. Transformation is nearby tonight. Tonight’s Scorpio Moon which is the third Super new moon (at perigee) in a row has a deep effect on the gravitational pull of the tides, and a great deal of power when it comes to maintaining a connection to Earth itself, and in particular, the Underworld, ruled by Pluto.

Pluto is the dispositor of this New Moon, connecting us to the Underworld, Darkness, and to the treasures, known and unknown that can be found below the surface of our planet. On November 12, Jupiter made his third and last conjunction of 2020 with Pluto in Capricorn. They continue to travel together for a little while. The next day, Mars in Scorpio (who’s been retrograde for what’s seemed to be an unusually long amount of time), stationed direct at 15 degrees. Mars is the original and traditional ruler of Scorpio. As such he carries a large amount of dignity in this sign. In Aries, his sign of rulership, he calls us to action. Ordinarily, Mars would not exert undue influence in favor or change and transformation. His preference is to use his energies, influence, and abilities in a personal rather than universal setting. But seeing that he is strong in Aries, and an honored guest in Scorpio, the impetus to intervene and participate in the transformative process involving Pluto and Jupiter is just simply irresistible. He’s insistent that we take responsibility for our assertive energy, willpower, passions, and tempers, pushing for transformation with regard to how we deal with conflict, anger, fear, courage, and accountability. Mars has a thing about honor – even if he might not show it off. He’s been dipping his toes in and out of the situation all year – so – he’s “In for a penny, in for a pound I guess.

The deeper knowing around this time of transformation is that we all knew, all this time, that something was brewing. We didn’t know what exactly – and in many ways we’re still not sure just what that WHAT is. Part of it is the inevitable change and forward movement from Scorpio to Sagittarius and from Capricorn to Aquarius. This movement will be enormous. Traveling from the resourceful, profound, Plutonian emotional depths of Scorpio into the bright, radiant, and philosophical territory of Sagittarius is a revolutionary experience to say the least! Pluto, the God of Death and Rebirth marks our evolutionary imperative. Pluto will be in Capricorn from 2008-2024, calling attention to the dark side of our governments, businesses, institutions, and personal relationships. Jupiter, (otherwise known as Zeus, King of the Gods), will be transitioning into Aquarius on December 20th. Three days after his pal Saturn makes the leap. This is a parting of the ways for Jupiter and Pluto for the time being. Jupiter takes 12 months (approximately) to move through a sign – so he’s almost done. Jupiter loves to travel and he doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet. We will talk more about all this later…

Venus in Libra and Eris in Aries form a powerful T-Square to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 15- 17. Squares call for adjustment and a shifting of priorities and perspective. Where do we need to realign our responsibilities and priorities? What old beliefs and patterns hold us back? Venus will oppose Uranus in Taurus on November 27 for a discussion on the topics of freedom, responsibility, intimacy, right livelihood, and good stewardship of the Earth. It’s a good time to brainstorm and to look ahead. Mercury is still passing through Scorpio. He’s about to form his third opposition to Uranus on November 17. Mercury likes to share information (true or false – he doesn’t discriminate). Uranus (the higher octave of Mercury will likely have timely revelations mixed with some unique and possibly critical information about the future. These two can spark significant shifts in perception and direction. Heightened intuition is definitely on the menu.

This swift momentum almost guarantees that there’s transformation ahead. Tonight’s New Moon sextiles the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and tickles the toes of Saturn and Pallas Athena. Remember that the New Moon is the beginning of a NEW cycle. The Full Moon – yes – she’s glamorous – but the real work and beauty begins in the darkness of the New Moon. The sextile and the accompanying velocity with which we are now moving presents the opportunity to end an old story and to begin anew. Transformative experience is on every menu you’re going to read between now and the new year. And if we’re lucky it will take us into 2021 in good order. The door to the future is open.