Scorpio New Moon – November 11, 2015

Scorpio New Moon – November 11, 2015

The New Moon forms at 19 degrees, 00 minutes Scorpio at 9:47 am PST on November 11, 2015.  It’s a watershed moment in a watery sign.  You’ve probably noticed that things and events have a different texture and tone.  The change has been swift but not abrupt – and not exactly unexpected either.  It’s not been dramatic in most cases – (ok, maybe a little drama around the edges…) but overall, it seems that we’ve all pretty much agreed that adjustments were in order and we’ve made them.  Scorpio is the sign associated with birth, death, rebirth, and above all transformation.  The translation from one state of being to the next is the ultimate transformative experience, after all.  Scorpio has dual rulership.  Her ancient and original ruler is Mars.  And when Pluto was discovered in 1930, rulership of Scorpio was awarded to him.

The life force begins to ebb at this time of year.  The darkness increases daily.  The hours of light decrease.  The earth is cold and the skies are gloomy.  The wind picks up.  The trees, recently clad in the bright painterly colors of Libra, turn dull and then lose their leaves entirely.  The leaves fall to earth, piling into heaps that turn into compost, enriching the soil and feeding the tree, their former home.  The earth and her creatures begin to conserve energy, go to sleep, and to ponder:  What will winter bring?   And who and what will or won’t survive?  This is the Scorpio cycle.  Scorpio initiates the time of dying as it simultaneously begins the process of gestation and rebirth.  She understands that there is no death, only endless transformation.

All water signs carry emotion and intense feeling.  This New Moon carries the deep emotional patterns of the past, the current truth of our feelings, and the projections and expectations of our emotional trajectory.  The Moon conjuncts Mercury now intensifying our desire to share information about our feelings.  Mercury is fully capable of diving deep into the underworld of Scorpionic feeling.  He alone is capable of traversing the terrain from the heights of Olympus to the depths of Hades.  The Moon confides her secrets to Mercury and he listens, assisting as a sort of “information midwife” at this unburdening and rebirth of the self.  It feels dangerous to be so honest and open, but it’s necessary.   This year’s recent Venus retrograde and her several conjunctions with Mars have constituted a relationship intensive.  We have a deep desire for disclosure and clarity.  This is not easy for the Scorpio Moon.  She holds her secrets and information close at all times.  Even she feels the urgent need to uncover, examine, confide and cleanse her emotional body.  If relationships are to move forward at this time, they must do so in the broad daylight of vulnerability and truth that is shared freely and openly.  There can be no secrets, hidden trap-doors, or classified information.  These are these adjustments that we are agreeing to as we move to the next level of consciousness.  As if to make a point at this New Moon, Venus moved into Libra (one of her two signs of rulership) two days earlier. She’s tapping her pretty foot and waiting for you. There’s absolutely no getting around it.

On November 12, the lunar nodes move from Aries/Libra to Pisces/Virgo.  The North Node, Virgo, represents our collective flight path for the next year and a half.  The South Node, Pisces, represents our past and current state of affairs, from which we have learned but must now depart.  The Nodes were last in Pisces/Virgo from January 1997 to October 1998.

The Mutable energies that I’ve been talking about for the last six months are definitely on the rise.  Our initiation into this new energetic model will begin later this month with the first of three Saturn (in Sagittarius)/Neptune (in Pisces) squares.  Saturn and Neptune could not be more different.  Saturn loves structure and reliability.  He firmly subscribes to the axiom: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. “   Saturn believes that actions have consequences and that the rules were made to be followed.  He understands the limits and nuances of physical reality.  And really, he’s pretty great to have around if you have reason to get your ducks in a row.  Saturn is there for you to help you get it right.  He may not be a great dinner companion but he knows how to get things done.  Neptune is nothing like that. He doesn’t give a hoot about Saturn’s practicality and rules.  He believes in dreams, beautiful illusion, poetry, music, art, exotic and exquisite romance, and dissolution of so-called “reality”.  And in addition to being a charming and fascinating aesthete, he can also present as a lazy, dissolute, untrustworthy, ne’er-do-well. (But don’t forget the charming and exotic part!)

So these two will be in and out of square for most of 2016.  The big questions will be:  What do we know to be true?  What do we think we know?  What do we really know?  What is real?  What is not real?  Who has the better grasp on “reality” – Saturn or Neptune?  Sagittarius or Pisces?  But don’t forget.  Pisces is ruled by two planets – Neptune, his modern ruler and Jupiter, his ancient one who just so happens to be the ruler of Sagittarius.  Hmmm… Jupiter in mutable sign Virgo for the next year will definitely be having his say in all this, as will any other planets that happen to pass through mutable signs.  We might even have a mutable Grand Cross of sorts.  The end of June 2016 looks very interesting!

Birth, death, rebirth, transformation.  The endless cycle.  The endless becoming and unbecoming.  Beginning and ending.  We’re learning how to navigate the wider less finite worlds we will be inhabiting soon.  Sailing the deep seas of Scorpio toward Sagittarius and our annual alignment with our Galactic center in Sagittarius, it doesn’t seem so very frightening.    So much more than we’ve ever imagined to be possible is just within our reach.  Those faint glimmers and phantom feelings are ready to become real.  How will it happen?  Relax into your wider knowing and essential being.  Watch the autumn skies.  See Venus in the early morning hours.  It’s a magical time year.  See you at the Full Moon.