Scorpio Full Moon – May 3 – 4, 3015

Scorpio Full Moon – May 3-4, 2015

The Full Moon forms at 13 degrees, 22 minutes Scorpio at 8:42 pm PDT on May 3, and at 3:42 am GMT on May 4, 2015.  In the Buddhist tradition this full moon is known as the Wesak Moon which marks and celebrates the Buddha’s birthday, enlightenment and his passing.  It is a festival the honors the beauty and fullness of life at the same time that it recognizes and celebrates its impermanence.   Flowers, candles and incense are offered as symbols of impermanence.  Meals are prepared and served to the poor as a reminder of the importance of service to and with humanity.  Captive birds are set free symbolizing liberation.  Statues of the Buddha are bathed with fresh water as a reminder to purify the mind and body, to release avarice, and to cultivate kindness and non-attachment.

We have just passed Beltane, the first cross quarter fire festival of the astrological year.  Spring is in full bloom.  The lusciousness of life is ripe to bursting now!  The Earth shows us her treasures and pleasures at this time of year.  The Scorpio Full Moon illuminates the landscape and the Earth, highlighting your own personal relationship to physical reality.  It is a time of enlightenment and a time of simply knowing the wisdom of the physical world and of the body while at the same time sensing the impermanence of it all.  As one blossom on a tree bursts forth with the vigor and insistence of life, another falls to the ground from the very same tree.  Nature is relentless and merciless at the same time that she is bountiful and nourishing.  This is the polarity of Taurus and Scorpio.  The Earth is active now with volcanic eruption, lava spills, earthquakes and dramatic weather patterns of all sorts.  In the midst of life there is death and even rebirth.  This too is Taurus – Scorpio territory.

Jupiter in Leo forms a tight T Square to the Sun and Moon today accentuating the need to adjust our expectations, desires and modus operandi.  Are we stuck in patterns of fixedness that do not serve or evolution or enlightenment?  We’re still looking over our shoulder a bit at the Uranus-Pluto stuff and doing a bit heavy breathing from eclipse season, but the truth is – we’re beyond that stuff.  We’re in a new field now.  And we’re feeling the constraints of the old ways of experiencing our so-called realities.  So put the drama of the last three years behind you already.  We’re going to need a new skill set.

Calling attention to the need for “new mind” or “beginner’s mind, Mercury in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius.  Now this opposition could be seen as argument, grumbling, and restrictive thinking.  Sure – is that what you’ve got going on in that little big head of yours?  Is that doing you any favors?  Doesn’t if feel like you’re tossing bricks at your own head?  Knock it off!!!  Mercury will be going retrograde on May 18.  You’re going to have plenty of time to re-arrange the archives and re-invigorate your operation system.  Three weeks!  And Mercury will be in Gemini.  You’re going to get a new skill set whether you want one or not.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is: “ Telephone linemen at work installing new connections; the need to establish new channels of communication. “  Mercury will be a big player over the next month.  This contact with Saturn now is a caution.  Saturn is already retrograde in Sagittarius and will move into Scorpio one week after the Mercury retrograde ends.  Expect reverberations from this full moon in Scorpio at that time – and all summer really.  So you see the Buddhist saying: “You are what you think, having become what you thought.” is in the air.  It’s time for an upgrade.  It’s time for a new mind.

As I write this I am I am far from home, sitting in a cozy flat in London watching it rain and remembering the pure sensuality, joy and love of the island of Venus/Aphrodite: Cyprus.  I have learned much on this trip.  And I’m working with my own new mind and heart.  Have a brilliant, deep, and insightful Full Moon in Scorpio, everyone!