Scorpio Full Moon – May 18, 2019

Scorpio Full Moon – May 18, 2019

The full moon peaks today at 27 degrees, 38 minutes of Scorpio at 2:12 pm PDT and at 9:11 pm GMT. The Scorpio – Taurus axis is the energy of fixed Water and Earth. In the Buddhist tradition the Scorpio full moon marks the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha and is called the Wesak Moon. There’s a lot of Earth energy now with six of ten planets and the South Node in Earth signs. There’s a lot of releasing and settling in to do. And there’s a big inventory that needs to be taken. Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Taurus. This will provide us with the tools we need to move forward. We’ll be blessed with practical thinking – but even better we will have access to flexible thinking. These two planets also trine Saturn reinforcing the need to think practically, spiritually, clearly, rigorously, humanely, and – AHEAD – not behind. This will perhaps require a bit of our Buddha nature to emerge.

This is key because we cannot continue to tread the same worn paths, doing the same things in slightly, but not actually different ways, seeing only the same sights, feeling the same familiar emotions, and thinking over and through the same identical thoughts that we’ve been carrying around for a long, long while. This Full Moon releases the last 7-10 years of our personal and collective history. All of it. That is basically over now – if you’re willing to let go. And I hope you are… We’re looking ahead to what is desirable and possible in the future.

This is a time for recognizing remedies and opportunities and also for formulating a workable plan. Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus. She rules both Taurus and Libra – but she’s most at home in Taurus. It’s been a very long time since she’s seen her revolutionary friend. He’s showing her new potentials and realities that can reform, reinvigorate, and enable the planet and its inhabitants to push forward together. It’s an exciting opportunity to begin again and Venus is on board. She understands what has value and what is worth working for. Work from physical essence, form, beauty, quality, and toward serenity, strength, and permanence.

The Moon in Scorpio opposing the planets in Taurus urges us to pay attention to what’s been left to fester in the shadows. This should not be neglected or simply abandoned. It’s time to retrieve your shadow. Own your failures and disappointments, build strength, intelligence, and ease in being here now. Let the past be the past. See what needs to be acknowledged, confronted and discarded. Taurus – especially Uranus in Taurus wants to purge what’s no longer relevant or useful and replace it with something that has meaning, workability, and value. Take some time to decide, but know that this is the time for letting go – especially letting go of all the toxic and semi-toxic stuff. It’s time to moving on.

It hasn’t been easy to get to this place. It’s time to be who you are – not who you were. And it’s time to make sure that you surround yourself with people and energies who support that. 2018 is over. Yeah – I know it sucked. But it’s GONE. Know that you have changed and are ready to fully incorporate that new energy. Don’t expect everyone to notice or even understand. Do the work and reap the rewards. Commit to your plan and execute it. Be good to yourself.

We’ve got some big eclipse energy coming in. There will be a total Solar Eclipse on July 2. It will be visible over the southern tip of South American and in the South Pacific. So set your template and initiate action now. Set your course and steer by your own stars. Slow and steady wins this race. What’s coming up will be challenging – but not in the ways you’ve experienced in the past. We’re building new muscles. Remember that!!! You’re going to want to be ready for it. So please – make careful and deliberate choices that come from the center of your being. And steer your course with love.