Scorpio Full Moon – May 10, 2017

Scorpio Full Moon – May 10, 2017

The Full Moon forms at 20 degrees 24 minutes Scorpio on May 10, 2017, at 2:42 pm PDT.  The Scorpio Full Moon is always momentous.  It’s known as the Wesak moon that commemorates the birth of the Buddha.  For some Buddhists it also marks his enlightenment and death – entirely appropriate for the symbolism of Scorpio who has dominion over transformative processes: birth, death and rebirth.

Yesterday, the North and South Lunar Nodes changed from Virgo and Pisces to Leo and Aquarius respectively.  As you may know, the nodes do not move in what we might consider to be “forward” motion they move anti clockwise through the signs.  Their motion westward and is opposite the direction of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun as seen from the celestial north.   So the Nodes enter a sign at 30 degrees and move “backward” through the sign over the course of 18 months.  It takes 18 years for a complete tour of the Zodiac.  The last time we experienced the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius was October 1998.  The energies of the Leo/Aquarius are those of fixed Fire and Air.    You might want to think on that.

There’s a ton of stuff going on astrologically speaking.   It might help to know that Mercury and Uranus are in exact conjunction today in Aries for the third and last time this year.  It’s a hot button/trigger point for certain.  On the high side it can be innovative and energized toward a more enlightened and communicative future.  On the low side, the possibilities are possible explosive, unexpectedly aggressive and potentially VERY dangerous and destructive.   Actions may speak louder than words – even supplanting them.  Words may mean nothing really.  But whatever happens now – it’s bound to be contentious and confusing.   “As above, so below.” is always true.   But lately, we’ve been getting extremely graphic illustrations of just how true it is.  We are in the time between times.  Transitions are happening whether we want them to or not.  Again, this is always happening.  Shit happens.  But I don’t recall shit happening quite like this – and happening everywhere all at once.  Things are moving quickly and very erratically.  Our individual approval or disapproval means nothing at the macro level.  We have to be in alignment and integrity with our own personal values and philosophies in order to withstand the force of seemingly indiscriminant and random events; not to mention the violence and cruel actions of those who would seize and hold power.  There’s a high degree of volatility and arbitrariness with regard to the actions and declarations that bombard us now.  There will be many strange and previously unimaginable revelations ahead.  If you are uncomfortable with uncertainty now … well, it might be time to be snuggling up to the concept…

So we’ve got to get ahold of this.  We’ve got to ride the dragon – literally and metaphorically.  Lucky for us there are herds of dragons everywhere (you just have to squint to see them and look where you’d least expect to find them).  And it’s lucky for us that we’ve got the skills and courage to do it.  This is the final exam for the master class on the Cardinal Cross, and the practicum on Mutable Energies and Perception and Reality. Transformation is going to happen.  We may not like the course it takes.  How it happens for you is up to you.  How much light, courage, intelligence, heart, clarity, and integrity you bring to the situation is up to you.  You carry these qualities within you.  These are not things you pick up along the way.  They are innate and they are cultivated and nurtured by you or they are ignored and allowed to wither.   My advice is to bring ALL the aforementioned qualities and don’t leave any of the good stuff lying on the ground.

The Leo North Node comes from the personal heart.  The one in your chest that pumps your life’s blood through your veins activating your body and your being.  The Aquarian South Node comes from the collective heart – echoing the knowledge and wisdom that has been passed from thousands of generations of beings, human and otherwise into our present state of knowing, feeling and being.  This is transformation at the highest level.  Accepting and carrying to personal fruition the most exalted qualities and energies nurtured and maintained by the collective is no small feat.  You’ve got the knowledge.  You’ve got the heart and spine for this.  As the saying goes, “You are the one you’ve been waiting for.”  One by one we will save ourselves and each other.  This is the Leo/Aquarius dynamic.

The Full Moon in Scorpio demands your commitment to truth, love, power, courage, integrity, humility, and will.  Scorpio knows what’s required in order to transform.  Having given birth to your current self, you must die to that self in order to be reborn and transformed.  Birth, Death, Rebirth – Scorpios know this drill well.  They invented it.  Nothing short of full commitment will do.  Don’t drag a lot of sentimental baggage forward.  Take only what you need.  The less you take forward the better.   When you find yourself crawling forward to rebirth that giant steamer trunk you’re keeping so close to you isn’t going to be very comforting and it will definitely slow you down.  It might even stall you leaving you stranded.  Don’t do it.  Don’t take all that extra stuff.

So when you see the Scorpio Full Moon tonight, please drop your preconceptions about Scorpio. All that sex and drugs and revenge and rock and roll.  Yeah yeah – we all know that old song.    See the huge beating heart embodied by this moon as she watches over us in this time between time.  We’re definitely at a place where actions speak louder than words.  Thank her for her assistance with your birth, death, rebirth and enlightenment.  Very soon now, you will understand what she’s trying to show you.  Remember.  There can be no change without change.