Sagittarius New Moon – December 11, 2015

Sagittarius New Moon – December 11, 2015

We are in the time between times.  The New Moon in Sagittarius forms at 19 degrees 02 minutes at 2:29 am PST on December 11, 2015.  It is the last New Moon of 2015.  What intention will you take with you across the no-man’s-land of this old year and into the new one? The Solstice on December 22 marks the beginning of a new seasonal cycle as winter begins in the northern hemisphere.  Imperceptibly at first, and then bit by bit, the light makes its return.  The cold and shimmering silvery days of Sagittarius guide us into the longest darkest nights of the year.  Time to think, review and dream ahead.  The night sky tempts us to other galaxies and worlds unseen.  Our being yearns for the stars of our destiny as winter approaches.  This is Jupiter’s time.  Everything is possible.

We are being asked to recalibrate once again.  Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces.  This will continue in varying degrees of intensity for the next year.  At this new Moon, two T-squares are formed.  Sun and Moon square Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo.  Additionally, Jupiter forms an opposition to Chiron.  The mutable energies of these signs carry transitory truths. Mutable energy is inclusive yet always shifting.  Ideology, philosophy, religion, and beliefs of all sorts have a certain strict structure, yet remain malleable as they leave themselves open to interpretation and revision.  This is not aggressive energy of the cardinal cross of the recent past.  This is much harder to pin down, catch hold of, and integrate.

On Saturday, Venus moves into Scorpio where she will trine Neptune.  With Mars opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto (the “other” T-square), we’ll get one of our last strong hits from the afore-mentioned cardinal cross of the last three years.  You’re well familiar with the song these three sing.  Uranus wants awakened individuation and revolution.  Mars wants what he wants right this minute (but in Libra, he’s a little nicer about it).  And Pluto wants to oversee total transformation of structures and ideas that impede conscious evolution.  That’s a tall order for a weekend getaway…  So this could be a sexy but potentially fractious weekend.   As we contemplate the higher questions posed by the mutable energies, the cardinal T-square reminds us that we can’t have change without actually changing something.  Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.  Together they’ll reach for unconditional love.  And that alone could create enormous change!

Chiron and Neptune have been traveling together in Pisces for a while now.  Little by little they have been gently wearing away at our shiny but brittle veneers of ego and personality. Neptune in Pisces is not interested in your persona, the mask you wear or the part you’ve chosen to play.   He wants divine union – nothing less.  He wants to feel your being/ soul across time and space into the time where there is no time.  Chiron in Pisces wants to heal your soul/being across that same continuum.  It’s a weird truth we are each individual and yet completely connected.  We are leaving a time and place where this is a mere familial truth or social observation.  We are emerging from a long period of evolutionary individuation and crossing the frontier into a time and place where we will become at ease in the knowledge that we are indeed all one, able to know and sense and communicate across immense distances with incredible sophistication and accuracy.  Knowing, feeling, and sensing each other with stunning awareness.

This New Moon is juicy.  She’s mystical and finely tuned to the immense potential of now.     This time out of time offers us the opportunity to expand into the possibility that everything we know and feel is absolutely true.  We can emanate and communicate these truths across time and space – to the “past” as well as the “future”, and certainly in the present.  They will be received in precisely the same way that they have been transmitted.    Our perceptions are correct and that they can be trusted.   And that we need only to align with the notion that we are bigger than we currently imagine. Expand.  Don’t worry about not being able to prove it.  Just believe it!  Walk into it.  Do not resist your impulse to evolve.  Walk toward the return of the light.  It’s very close now.  Feel your way.