Sagittarius- Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse – May 26, 2021

Sagittarius- Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse – May 26, 2021

Here we are! Eclipse Season 2021 has begun. Tonight’s Total Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse Moon will occur at 05 degrees 25 minutes Sagittarius at 4:13 am PDT and at 11:13 pm GMT. The eclipse will be visible over North and South America’s western/coastal areas and in the far eastern areas of Asia. The Moon will take approximately 48 hours to move through the sign of Sagittarius and out of its eclipse zone.

Our Sun has been actively producing solar flares unlike anything we’ve seen in a while. On May 22, sunspot AR2824 unleased a sequence of flares that were impressive. Over 24 hours, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded 10 C-flares and 2 M-flares. The rapid fire and overlapping explosions (CME’s – Coronal Mass Ejections) were hurled into space. At least one of them will graze Earth’s magnetic field on May 25-26. These solar events impact the dynamics of the Earth’s mantle, molten core and Schumann Resonance as well as telecommunications, power grids, and all living beings. When the Earth’s magnetic field environment is disrupted, it can create sleep disturbances, mental confusion, lethargy and fatigue, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm. These events can also assist us in reconfiguring our consciousness.

Eclipse season occurs twice a year at approximately producing 2-3 eclipses at 6-month intervals in signs that are in opposition and conjunct the North and South Node. For instance, tonight’s eclipse is conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius. Our next Eclipse on June 10, 2021 will be a Solar Eclipse conjunct the Sun and North Node in Gemini. Eclipse parameters last about 2 weeks. Be aware that waxing and the waning of these events can have their own set of “symptoms”. They will be gentler but felt all the same. The Total Lunar Eclipse will highlight the South Node in Sagittarius. We who can observe this eclipse will experience complete darkness at the height of this eclipse. The feeling of this might feel strange to you – perhaps even threatening. The ancient peoples took care to stay quiet and to keep their livestock close to home. Communities stayed together during the absence of light. They avoided large gatherings, ceremonies, and magical invocations.

Follow the Moon’s lead. The intense and unusual darkness can lead to uncomfortable feelings of abandonment and vulnerability. It will be a short interval of about 15 minutes (4:11-4:26 am PDT) Rest, stay quiet, do gentle cleansing activities, practice restorative and regenerative yoga. In other words – take your cues from what’s happening around you. Eclipses are breaks in our usual patterns. The Dark of the Moon is a time of releasing, emptying out and cultivating non-attachment. This is a time to look at what has happened, what is happening, and is likely to happen in the future as a result. The seeds that you plant now will germinate and produce great things going forward. Do not be afraid of the dark. That’s where everything begins. Coincidently, it’s also where everything ends.

The Sun is conjunct the Lunar North Node in Gemini is busy making distinctions between observations and opinion, facts and interpretations, ideas and understanding. Mercury, the traditional ruler of Gemini and Venus, its esoteric ruler are conjunct in Gemini and square to Neptune in Pisces (where Venus is exalted), opening the door to better communication, compassionate action, and creative thinking. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius has recently moved into Pisces and is squaring this eclipse, producing a mutable T-Square highlighting the need for empathy, inspiration, intuition and expansive thought about and employment of new strategies and insights. Jupiter and Sagittarius hold the information we need to go forward. Neptune and Pisces hold the knowledge we hold in our hearts and souls.

This is a turning. A big one. We are beginning to see the true arc of the coming changes and the depth and breadth of it. There’s still plenty of chaos, uncertainty, unknowing, and discomfort. We are in a period of learning and re-learning. Focus on what is most important. Saturn will be retrograde until October 11, 2021. (And by the way, Mercury will retrograde on May 29 for about 3 weeks – the usual cautions apply…) If you have a problem with focusing and completing – seek out Saturn – He’s on a mission – you may not like what he says at first but trust me – He knows… Discipline and dedication can be two very good friends to cultivate.