Sagittarius Full Moon – May 29, 2018

Sagittarius Full Moon – May 29, 2018

The Full Moon forms at 08 degrees, 10 minutes at 7:19 am PDT and 2:19 pm GMT on May 29, 2018.  We’re working with a new set of energies now.  The fixed signs are having their way with us. It’s going to take some time to acclimate.  So pull up a nice patch of green grassy earth, settle in, and expand into the new vibrations.

Over the past weekend, the Moon in Scorpio opposed Uranus in Taurus, taking the measure of how this new earthy position of Uranus is going to feel.  She’ll be checking in on a regular basis every month. The Moon travels quickly, contacting all the planetary positions in the course of a month.  She gathers information, listens to the pulse of the planet, charts the ebb and flow of feelings and emotions, and stays abreast of innovative ideas and inspirational action.  She’s constantly moving.  And she’s ready to give all of us spontaneous feedback if we have the humility and wisdom to ask for it.

She reports that Uranus is settling in to the Taurean state of being.  But meanwhile he’s squaring Mars in Aquarius who’s chomping at the bit to implement new social systems that will benefit humanity.  Uranus is totally down for social change but he’s finding himself to just a bit disoriented and a little slow on the uptake now that he’s in Taurus. He apologizes and assures Mars that he’ll be getting to that soon.  But for now, he’s tending to Kilauea eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii first before he starts any social revolutions.  And besides; he needs to get used to this fixed earth energy.

We’ve got a Grand trine in the water signs at this full moon, upping the emotional ante and testing our ability to allow and adjust.  Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn while trining Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter Rx in Scorpio. The Grand trine lends support, potential ease, and stability to an otherwise awkward and uncertain state of affairs.  This is an ideal time to process unpalatable feelings and difficult anxieties; especially those that reach back to the past and continue to reverberate in the present. Jupiter in Scorpio supports working with issues surrounding intimate relationships.  Neptune in Pisces highlights spiritual connection and also where we’ve been willfully delusional in relationship.  Venus addresses our values, desires, and emotional ideals.

This is a time of resolution and rectification.  We need to set a course for the coming times. The Venus-Saturn opposition provides an opportunity to review past trauma, anger, despair, depression, intimidation, indecision – you get the picture.  It’s time to take inventory.  You may find that some previously enormous source of unhappiness no longer holds the charge it once did.  And you can feel free to release this feeling.  Send it on its way acknowledging what you learned and your new-found freedom.  But – if you don’t check in – really check in – you won’t know.  You might think you know – but the truth is:  you gotta go deep and you gotta do the work.

Change is happening and it’s happening in a very disorganized and hap-hazard fashion.  We’re still finding our direction and our emotional feet.  The Full Moon in Sagittarius is fiery, positive, hopeful, idealistic, and motivated.  She embraces change, expansion, and forward movement naturally.  And being the generous Jupiter-ruled creature that she is, she will gather and bring all within her orbit along with her. She knows that not everything and everyone can or wants to come along.  She also knows that by examining and culling our individual emotional storehouses, we lighten our load as well as create space for new experience, truly forging a social, spiritual, and emotional revolution.

We’re all feeling this. It’s a brand new cycle with brand new parameters that we haven’t even experienced yet.  Our intuition is telling us that our current/old reality just won’t do. Remember:   intuition can go stale if there is no action.  What is coming with you?  What is ready to be acknowledged, honored and left behind?  Who do you want to be?  Be that person.  Where do you want to live?  Live there.  Individually and collectively we are crafting these new parameters by making new choices.  We are finding the new NOW.