Sagittarius Full Moon – May 21, 2016

Sagittarius Full Moon – May 21, 2016

The Full Moon forms at 01 degrees, 13 minutes Sagittarius at 2:14 pm PDT on May 21, 2016.  The Sun bounced into Gemini yesterday.  And in true Gemini fashion, promptly and as quickly as was astronomically possible, opposed the Moon providing us with a little Full Moon action and a little something to talk about.  Gemini is never dull, never idle, always curious, and always willing to consider any and all points of view.  You see, Gemini doesn’t take sides, or rather he takes all sides simultaneously.  This is the Wesak Moon which celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha.   The Now is always time to be in one’s Buddha nature.  Very basically, Buddha nature is the fundamental nature of all beings.  Because this is so all beings may realize enlightenment.  However, this may be easier said than done at this Full Moon.

The Moon in fire sign Sagittarius is hot right now.  Generally the Moon is reflective and gentle.  Tonight, however she is joined by Mars retrograde at 01 degree Sagittarius.  This current Mars retrograde has been a pisser if you don’t mind my saying so.  It’s going to get a lot more interesting when Mars slips back into Scorpio on May 27 – so don’t hold your breath waiting for relief on that front!  Meanwhile, here we are in Gemini, vibrating at a MUCH higher frequency than we were the other day when the Sun was at at 29 degrees Taurus  and the Moon was in Scorpio.  That energy had a solid deep penetrating quality.  There was  a brooding almost heavy feel to it.  It’s true, that Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) and Venus (ruler of Taurus) are still in Taurus and that is giving us a bit more ballast and time to adjust to the new wiry, buzzing, perpetual motion and frenetic intellectual activity of Gemini.  You’ve got to admit though, today has been abuzz with activity.  There’s a new sense that something’s in the air and ready to pop.

And that just might be your temper, your impulse control, your ability to contain your opinion, or to modulate your behavior.  The Moon is also emotional.  Mars is assertive, angry, and action oriented.  But he’s running backwards in Sagittarius – and it’s not making him happy.  He’s all about forward motion and forward e-motion.  Mars in Sagittarius feels the future but is unable to move in that direction due to his retrograde.  Sadge and Mars are both naturally short on patience.  Mars finds this practically intolerable.  He’s frustrated and annoyed at have to retrace his steps.  The Moon pick up his frustration and agitation.  He in turn becomes more emotional.  It’s not an ideal pairing under these circumstances.  Everything is a possible trigger.  The best possible outcomes will be achieved by taking personal responsibility for your emotions and their verbal/physical/psychic expressions.  Moon in Sagittarius wants conscious expression of the truth of one’s feelings.  Anything less than the truth will spark conflict.  Mars will make his closest approach to earth (perigee) on May 30 while in Scorpio.  Just a reminder, Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and co-rules the sign with Pluto in modern times.  If you have never felt the sting of Mars in Scorpio anger I would not advise you to tempt it at this time.  Be warned.  This is a very real potential flashpoint – personally and globally!

Mercury stations direct on May 22.  There’s a bit of good news.  He’s still in Taurus and still holding onto his corner of the grand trine in Earth, keeping our thoughts grounded and deliberate.  We’ve had time to contemplate and realign our values and priorities and possibly to jettison some of our unnecessary baggage and static, and favorite familiar habitual sufferings.  We’ve come to a clarification and understanding of what and who will be going forward with us – and what/who will not.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius squares Saturn in Sagittarius from Virgo on May 26.  These two have been dancing with each other in square formation since 2005 in the signs of Scorpio-Leo, Pisces-Virgo, Aries –Libra and now Virgo-Sagittarius.  The keywords for this dance are:  expansion (Jupiter) and contraction (Saturn).  There is a good bit of frustration here.  Jupiter, the philosopher king is confined in Virgo.  Even so, he expands within the ethos of the Virgoan aesthetic to invigorate the analytical process and to extend the meaning and philosophy of service to all beings everywhere.  Jupiter optimizes every experience.  Saturn, aka Kronos, presides over the limitations of the physical plane.  In Sagittarius he is the teacher, and giver of meaning to that which is useful to the maintenance of structure.  Together they alert us to new possibilities, new associations, new philosophies, new structures,  and new boundaries.

It’s a sort of breathing in and out – a peristalsis or wave of expansion and contraction that pulses and flows through the cosmos at every imaginable level.  Would you choose your in-breath over your out-breath?  Would you want to stifle or stop the contractions that bring new life into the world?  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  This is the ebb and flow of the universe and it is true at every level of being.  As above, so below.   As within, so without.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is fierce.  She needn’t be disruptive.  She will not, however, be ignored, lied to, or denied.  And that will be interesting as she faces off against the Gemini/ Mercury Trickster.   She kicks off the month of Gemini and prepares the way for the Mutable Square that forms in June.  It will involve Sun and Venus in Gemini, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.  Oh – it’s never dull in Gemini.  Never, never, ever!  And as some Democrats here in the U.S. say – It’s time to feel the (burn) Bern.