Sagittarius Full Moon – June 9, 2017

Sagittarius Full Moon – June 9, 2017

The Full Moon forms at 18 degrees 52 minutes Sagittarius at 6:09 am PDT on June 9, 2017.  About an hour later, Jupiter, the ruler of Sadge, finishes his yearly retrograde begun in February and stations direct at 13 degrees Libra.  Jupiter’s expansiveness, generosity and general good humor is magnified by this station.  He will appear to hover around this point for several weeks spreading his good will and influence as he gathers himself to move full speed ahead. He currently trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon so there are plenty of opportunities to be had at this full moon.  Jupiter lends an enormous amount of goodwill, enthusiasm and wisdom to this full moon.  We won’t see this much largess again until Jupiter moves into Sadge in 2019.  And remember, he has to go through Scorpio to get there!

We have definitely moved into a new phase.  All the shifting, changing, rearranging, restructuring, grinding, removal and purging we’ve been doing for the last five years is finally beginning to pay off in a big way.  There’s been a noticeable shift in perspective since the end of May.  It’s a distinct letting go born of the work done during the years of the Cardinal Cross and the more recent investigations into perception and perspective.  We are literally standing on new ground, seeing new things from new angles, feeling emotions that terrified us in the past with a new-found acceptance, thinking with a new calm clarity, and perceiving that which we have never had access to before.

It’s quite amazing.  And it’s also unsettling.  Everything is exactly where you left it but it looks totally different.  And that’s because it literally is totally different!   We’ve been working on this for a while. The transition is completing.  This changed perspective makes it impossible to turn around and go back the way we came.  We are perceiving and interacting with our physical surroundings in a new way.  We are processing our thoughts and emotions differently.  Jupiter in Libra encourages us to refine and continue to expand our new ways of being – especially in relationship.  We are newly evolved and more intimately connected to ourselves.  Similarly, our connection to others must evolve, becoming more effortlessly intimate and vulnerable.  The North Node in Leo encourages us to treat others with the same high regard, love, and concern that we have for ourselves.  The return to self has a new connotation.  In other words – I am you and you are me.

Move forward and into this new state of being with faith, consciousness and awareness.    Be aware that now is the time to practice everything you’ve learned over the past five years.  Don’t get lazy.  Great flexibility and precision are available to us in this new energy.  Make informed and heartfelt decisions.  Choose wisely and decisively.  Constructing a new reality will be much easier than you might have imagined.  Sun in Gemini is resourceful, clever, and game to sample new situations and potential outcomes.  He is ready to move in the now.  Gemini gives a nod to the future but thinks very little about the past.

Saturn in Sadge is close to the Full Moon tonight.  On June 15 he will oppose the Sun.  This is a checkpoint.  How’s the new construction coming along?  What needs to be restructured?  Are we being realistic about our resources, time, priorities, etc?  Sagittarius is the sign of the “Truth-Teller” (more affectionately known as “The Blurter”…).  You are the architect of this new reality.  It’s time to get honest with yourself.   Neptune will turn retrograde on June 16.  His innate connection with unity consciousness will assist you in restructuring your communications, removing barriers to clear and effortless connection.  Neptune can also help us to see where we have abandoned ourselves to addiction, victimhood, and torment.

Tonight’s Full Moon announces a beginning.  It’s opening night.  The big searchlight is scanning the sky attracting all who can see it to come from near and far, asking you to join in.  Come one, come all.  Are you ready for something completely different?  Are you ready to release your old pictures of how you thought it should be/look?   Are you ready to release your pre-formulated desires that have no basis in this new reality? (Tough one there).  Are you willing to travel light and be the light?  Can you see what is really true in this moment now?

Things are going to pick up speed at the end of June.  July and August will be fast.  By the end of August – who knows?  Here’s what I’m getting – over and over again.   1. Be brave.  Do not entertain fear.  2. The way forward is NOT to double back.  3. What worked in the past will not work now.  4.  Its going to be a giant surprise and a bigger shift.  5. It won’t look ANYTHING like what we thought it would look like.  6. Realize the truth of what is happening.  Let ‘er rip!

That’s all Folks!