Sagittarius Full Moon and Summer Solstice – June 20, 2016

Sagittarius Full Moon and Summer Solstice – June 20, 2016

The Full Moon forms at 29 degrees, 32 minutes Sagittarius at 4:02 am PDT on June 20, 2016.  The Sun enters the sign of Cancer ushering in the Solstice at 3:34 pm PDT on that same day. As the morning turns to afternoon the Sun moves to 00 degrees Cancer the Moon moves to 05 degrees Capricorn.  By the end of the day the Luminaries will have shifted away from the Mutable axis and onto the Cardinal axis saying goodbye to spring/autumn and ushering in summer/winter depending on you hemispheric orientation.   One quarter of our astrological year has been completed.

But before that happens, as the Moon becomes full, Mercury in Gemini forms an exact opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius and squares to Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter and the North Node who are exactly conjunct each other in Virgo.  And BINGO!  Mercury has slipped into, recreated, and re-invigorated the Gemini New Moon’s Mutable Grand Cross!  Mercury is moving like a jet now.  He’s speedy to begin with and he moves even faster when he’s in Gemini.  He reminds us that there’s no time like NOW to make the changes you’re stewing about.   This is a karmic switcheroo. Change is brewing.  There’s no point in denying that.  Mercury knows that now is all we really have.

There’s a certain amount of free-form urgency in the air.  I wouldn’t call it anxiety exactly; just a continuous feeling that something important has yet to be done.  Just what that something is… well, that’s uncertain and unformed right now.  It has a feeling but it doesn’t have a specific name or a focused energy quite yet.  And truthfully, that’s ok.  We’re getting ready to leave the massive retrograde period that we’ve been experiencing.  Mars is still Rx in Scorpio for now.  He will station direct on June 29.  He’ll still have to climb back through Scorpio, arriving in Sagittarius on August 3, and hitting a 08 degrees Sadge (where he stationed Rx back in April) on August 21.

In the meantime, Mars wants us to continue the work we started during the retrograde season.  He will continue to direct us to mine, dissect, examine, classify, re-catalog, and completely own our past deeds, misdeeds, relationships, fears, flaws, phobias.  Similarly, and most importantly, Mars insists that we acknowledge our avoidance and convenient amnesia that seems to crop up when these sore and sorrowful spots from the past surface in our psyche.  This is deep, deep work.  It’s shocking and uncomfortable.  It seems too painful and impossible; but it’s not.  It’s absolutely worth doing because without this claiming and clearing there will be no real movement – just shuffling back and forth over the same old ground.  Mars in Scorpio knows what’s required for transformation.  You’ll know when you’re done.  Do the work or don’t do the work – the choice is yours.

Venus enters Cancer on June 18.  She is less distracted and jittery in Cancer than she was in Gemini.  There is a sense of connection with home, family, emotions, and the vulnerable yet active self.  The Sun joins Venus in Cancer at the Solstice, initiating the new season.  The Cardinal axis is concerned with initiation, activation and implementation.  Cancer is the first water sign – Cardinal water.  She is emotion in motion.  She rules all streams and rivers that flow to the sea.  Sun and Venus in Cancer are deeply representative of the Shakti/divine feminine creative energy and power expressed by the sign. This is the Goddess in one of her most active expressions.  Solstices are gateways that resonate for several days on either side of the actual event.  They spark major shifts in Earth’s magnetic field and allow a greater flow of radiation and energy to permeate our atmosphere.  And so the new season is born and set into motion.

Things will start to coalesce in the wake of this energy. Again – that’s already happening.    They are ready to come into physical manifestation.  What are they?  Well, think back to 2012.  What were you doing then?  What is finishing now that began in that time.  What is done?  Has your perception changed? Widened?  Have you become more flexible, adaptable and freer?  Are you seeing beyond your usual horizons?  Have you freed yourself from that trap you devised for yourself oh-so-long-ago?  The mutable energies are dispersing for now.  We don’t know and can’t know what the changes will be.  We can however move with fluidity and non- attachment as we create and navigate the new opportunities that will be upon us.

The Archer is strong and wise at 29 degrees Sagittarius.  This is wisdom born of actual experience.  She aims into the ethers certain that her arrow will be true to its mark even though that mark is completely unseen.  She has faith.  And so should you.   This is the beginning of the transition we’ve been waiting for.

Blessings to all at this new season!!!