Pisces Solar Eclipse/New Moon – March 8-9, 2016

Pisces Solar Eclipse/New Moon – March 8-9, 2016

It’s eclipse season!!!  And spring is right around the corner.  This is the first of four eclipses (two this month and two in September) in 2016.  The New Moon forms at 18 degrees, 57 minutes Pisces at 5:54 pm, PST on March 8 and at 1:54 am GMT on March 9, 2016.  This is the first of three SuperMoons in a row.  Eclipses happen at regular intervals when the Moon and Earth align very precisely.  A Solar eclipse occurs when a New Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun disrupting the flow of solar energy and blocking the Sun’s light.  Total Solar eclipses are visible only in a narrow band on the Earth’s surface and only for several minutes at the most.  This is a Total Solar Eclipse.  The path of totality begins west of Indonesia in the Indian Ocean and moves eastward across the Pacific ending to the west of North America at sunset.  The duration of the eclipse in any one given place is just over 4 minutes.

This eclipse is a big deal.  It’s the template for the next six months.  It’s also the departure gate for leaving behind the gnarly stuff from the last four years.  The month of March will present you with windfalls, opportunities, and come-uppances you never dreamed would happen.  We’re deep in the dreamtime now.  Deep in the undifferentiated ethers. There’s an enormous pile-up of planets in Pisces.  Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces is the conductor of this event.   He’s calling the shots; if you can imagine Neptune actually being in charge of anything.  The energies are rather drifty and vague.  You’re here and yet not here.  Certain things seem almost certainly true and at the same time unequivocally false. Is it fantasy that’s determining your reality or is reality dictating your fantasy?  It’s best to cultivate an attitude of fascination.  Mercury is at 7 Pisces, Neptune at 10, Moon and Sun at 19, Chiron at 21, the South Node is at 22.    Venus is at 25 Aquarius and before the week is over she’ll be in Pisces too.  So prepare not to know WTF is going on.  And get comfortable with that because March is going to be one of those times when you’re just completely uncertain about most things. The perceptual awareness required to navigate this time is complex and at the same time extremely simple.  Just remind yourself that really, truly – you don’t know anything.  Confusion and uncertainty are going to be your new best friends. And that’s as it should be.  Because, truly, we are unable to say much about what we actually know for sure.  Neptune knows this.  And now that he’s home in Pisces, and it’s time for the Pisces New Moon and total solar eclipse:  he wants you to know it too.

Eclipses are watersheds.  They represent the cleavage of one part of a structure from another and as such have a certain quality of finality.  Change occurs.  In minerals and precious stones, there is a tendency for a material to split along specific structural planes.  So it is with energy.  Our universe has much in common with these crystalline structures.  As we say:  “As above, so below.”  Eclipses disrupt and re-route.  They energetically divert and change our perceptions.  It is the natural order of things here on Earth.

This intense and unrelenting Piscean influence is tricky.  It’s expansive to be sure.  Jupiter is the ancient ruler of the sign.  He’s philosophical, gregarious, generally tolerant, and idealistic.  Neptune however, is less definable.  Where Jupiter expands, Neptune dissolves, dissipates and disappears into the literal thin air or atmosphere that surrounds the last of the gas giants.  Uranus and Neptune do not collect helium and hydrogen with the same efficiency that Jupiter and Saturn do.  It’s no wonder that these two have eccentric and erratic reputations!

This new Moon/Total Solar eclipse is very close to the nodal axis.  The Nodes are signatures of past lives, alternate expressions, karma, and our current incarnation’s soul trajectory.  Each of us has our own personal nodal signature in our natal chart.  The transiting Nodes affect us collectively.  Check your chart to see where the Virgo Pisces axis falls. The T square formed by Saturn’s square to Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and to the Sun, Moon, South Node, Neptune, and Chiron is at the heart of this eclipse.  There is tension to be sure.  Incredibly diffuse, obscure, and unnamable tension that resists identification – but yes, it’s there!  And Saturn wants to clear this up.  Well I say good luck with that and here we go…

Saturn is Sadge is really not interested in reprimanding or punishing anyone.  He wants to get to the practical, realistic truth of our philosophies, ethics and spiritual beliefs.  He requires us to adapt and adjust.  The South Node in particular along with the stellium in Pisces represents our collective karmic tendency to retreat into a sort of undifferentiated oneness that while pleasant and at times, and even ultimately desirable, needs to be examined and sorted according to its appropriateness and effectiveness.  Is this undifferentiated state serving us – aside from being a favorite and in our current state of awareness, a necessary retreat?  Have we done the work necessary to maintain this state of unity – or do we simply fudge – cheat a bit and default to the “oneness” position, in order to avoid taking responsibility for 100 percent of our individuated selves?  The square to Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo suggests that – no, we have not owned our escapist tendencies, our untidy habits, or even our professed ideologies.  And until we do, there will be no transcendence for us!  Planets in Virgo require that we be precise.  The North Node shows us that for the next good while, this is our work.

A small time out here for a quote from Bruce Lipton, A cellular biologist:

“Perception is awareness shaped by beliefs.  Beliefs “control” perception.  Rewrite beliefs and you rewrite perception.  Rewrite perception and you rewrite genes and behavior… I am free to change how I respond to the world, so as I change the way I see the world I change my genetic expression.  We are not victims of our genes.  We are masters of genetics.”

Chiron has the key. He carries the healing energy necessary for us to alter our perceptions and to love ourselves enough to take our whole self through this fog to the clear shore.  Our wounds from our current and previous lifetimes are exposed at this eclipse.  We are on the table in the operating theater.  And we are performing self-surgery.  We are ready to perform the operation.  We are ready to perceive the expanded and updated truth of ourselves – ready to drop the convenient narratives and favorite familiar sufferings that retard our growth and imped our ability to love.  If we are to move forward we must take our whole healed self with us. We see that clearly. No bits left behind.   Clear it out.  Let it go.  Let this eclipse be the beginning of something and someone that’s huge.  And let that someone be you.   Have an amazing Vernal Equinox on March 19 – 20, depending on where you are on the planet. This is when the real New Year begins!!!