Pisces New Moon / Solar Eclipse – February 26, 2017

Pisces New Moon / Solar Eclipse – February 26, 2017

The New Moon forms at 08 degrees, 12 minutes Pisces, at 6:58 am PST on February 26, 2017.  The Sun and the Moon join together at the same degrees now.  Today, this pairing results in a solar eclipse. We’ve been feeling weird and out of sorts during the run-up to this event.  We sense the impending disruption and react accordingly.   We’ve been testy and in some cases downright nuts. The Moon passes in front of the Sun obscuring 98% of his light, electro-magnetic energy, and radiation.  This is an annular eclipse, which leaves the distinctive “ring of fire” visible to the naked eye.  This interruption of the forces that continually bathe our planet and that we take for granted has a distinct and deep effect on us.  Our field of activity and information flow is disrupted.  Our bodies hasten to readjust, reconfiguring our rates of respiration and heartbeat, brain activity, physical balance, and agility.  The entire planet and all her life forms react as well.  This eclipse will be visible in the Southern hemisphere, across the tips of Chile, Argentina, and South Africa, out across the Indian Ocean and in parts of Southern Asia.

Eclipses happen every six months and run in 19 year cycles, occurring at very close degrees of the same signs on the same or very near dates.  There was a solar eclipse at 7degrees 55 minutes Pisces on February 26, 1998.  Think back to what you were doing then.  That chapter is closing today.  You are moving on. This eclipse is also the complement to last September’s solar eclipse in Virgo.  What has been completed since September 2016?  It’s a new day.  Those born in the early degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will feel this most profoundly – but we’ll all feel it.  There’s no escaping that.

Endings and beginnings – If you look at the chart for this New Moon you will see a huge stellium of planets and asteroids in Pisces the last sign of the zodiac (7) and Aries the first sign (4).  So just in case you needed reminding – yes, this is definitely the end of one thing that has run its course and most assuredly, the beginning of something that will span the next 19 years in an important and perhaps even epic way.

Mars has been extremely active of late.  He’s at home in Aries and loving it.  He recently had a near conjunction with Venus (a story that will complete later this year).  He’s been annoying and opposing Jupiter, squaring Pluto and Vesta, and getting ready for an exact conjunction with Uranus today and an exact opposition with Jupiter on the 27th.  And it won’t be too long before he trines Saturn.  Mars is the warrior; the powerful masculine force that activates and achieves. He is fueled by desire. He is boots on the ground full speed ahead penetrating power and force in motion.  His conjunction with Uranus is extremely powerful.  Uranus adds unpredictability, instability, rebelliousness, and revolutionary zeal to the already motivated and supercharged energy of Mars.  That’s a LOT of Aries energy!  Add in Eris, the Goddess of Discord and you have the potential for sudden disruption of the accepted order of “things”. Just a reminder – Aries is not interested in negotiating anything – ever.  Aries wants what it wants.  Mars’ separating square to Pluto (exact last Wednesday 2/22 at 18 degrees) signals that the old regime has had its day.  The cracks in the foundation are showing but not quite crumbling yet.  And the damage has been done. And don’t forget Jupiter in Libra’s opposition to Uranus in Aries coming up on March 2.  There’s a high probability of stalemates and stand-offs in diplomatic matters and relationships.  Venus will retrograde at 13 degrees Aries on March 4, heading back into Pisces and then stationing direct again on April 15 at 27 degrees Pisces.

In the days after the eclipse we will have time to breathe, recover, and retrieve the lawn chairs from their current resting place highest tree branches in the back yard.  It was quite a storm!  We can clear away the debris and detritus left scattered about in the wake of the weird weather of the last chapter’s closing moments.  We’ll have a good amount of Piscean energy to sooth us as we pick up the pieces.

Everything about an eclipse is dramatic.  And we’ll get to see a total solar eclipse sweep across the United States later this year on August 21.  As I began thinking about today’s eclipse I started humming Johnny Cash’s song “Ring of Fire”.  Because of course this is a ring of fire sort of eclipse.  So I checked up on Johnny in Wikipedia and found that he was born on February 26, 1932.  The same day of the month as this eclipse.  No – he wasn’t born on an eclipse – but there was an annular “ring of fire” eclipse one week later on March 7, 1932.  AND it was a southern hemisphere eclipse following approximately the same path as this current eclipse.  Close… but not quite.  So what am I trying to say?

Well – Johnny was a Pisces.  A classic Pisces with all the faults and all the graces that that sign holds.  One thing that Pisces knows is love at all its levels – from the most debased to the most exalted.  And Johnny touched all the bases in that department too. This is a South Node Pisces eclipse – it’s about release and renewal.

So here are the lyrics to “Ring of Fire” in case you’ve forgotten them:

Love is a burning thing.

And it makes a fiery ring.

Bound by wild desire.

I fell in to a ring of fire.

Chorus *I fell in to a burning ring of fire.

                I went down, down, down,

               And the flames went higher.

               And it burns, burns, burns,

             The ring of fire – The ring of fire.

The taste of love is sweet.

When hearts like ours meet.

I fell for you like a child.

Oh, but the fire went wild.

Chorus repeat.

Johnny could be talking about his love of life or the love of his life – or both simultaneously.  An eclipse can be frightening.  Love can be frightening.  A new beginning can be paralyzing.  An ending can feel like a death.  The ring of fire will always burn.  It will burn to destroy and purify and it will reignite to create and sustain.  The fire of love is eternal and wild.  Fall for it like a child.  Believe in the spark of love.  Believe in the power and purity of fire.  Feel the cycles spinning.   We’ve turned a corner.  We’re not going back.