Pisces New Moon – March 17, 2018

Pisces New Moon – March 17, 2017

The New Moon forms at 26 degrees, 53 minutes Pisces on March 17 at 6:11 am PST.  She is conjunct Chiron at 28 degrees Pisces, and square Mars in the last minutes of Sagittarius at 29 degrees, 55 minutes.  These are the last moments of the old and the real nascent threshold of the new.

There is much tentative energy in the air now.  There’s so much hesitation and looking back, so much inventorying and so much reappraisal.  And at the same time there’s the impetus to sneak a look ahead – to stealthily gauge the potential of the new.  All the while holding fast to the load you’ve been carrying for so long now.  It feels that you still haven’t disgorged that cistern of emotion. You haven’t reconciled and healed the accumulated wounds of your lifetime.  The Moon’s conjunction with Chiron in the last moments of the astrological year 2017, demand that we deliver ourselves from these longstanding habits, perceptions, and patterns of wounding.  Like Chiron the centaur/physician, we are in charge of our own healing.  The last degrees of any sign are about mastery and readiness to move forward.  The last degrees of Pisces are about faith, courage, and renewal.

We’re at the end of an era.  The last degrees of any sign are difficult.  The Mutable signs are especially rough going as they lead to the return of the very intuitive, basic, and primal energies of the Cardinal signs – quite a switch from the contemplation, translation, and refinement of the Mutable signs. Nonetheless, this is what is required at the end of the cycle – especially the faith to begin anew again.

Jupiter in Scorpio’s trine to the Sun, Moon, and Chiron make it somewhat easier to commit to renewal. But remember, Jupiter in Scorpio is not a walk in the park on a sunny day.  There are shadowy places that need to be uncovered, explored, and exorcised.  Jupiter in Scorpio is an excellent companion on this quest.  He will go the distance with you.  And he’ll eventually show you the silver lining of every nasty cloud as well as the least objectionable way out of any hellish pit.  Chiron’s square to Mars at the end of Sagittarius provides a call to action and a good dose of bravery to tackle these myriad fears, half resolved situations, and ongoing doubts. That’s not to say that there won’t be some intense emotional moments and some real sadness as we confront our shadows and wounds.  Aggressive action on these phantom shackles is warranted.  They keep us traversing the same old ground and falling over the same stumbling blocks.  It is imperative that we do this work now if we want to head into the New Year with honest and clean momentum.

The New Year 2018 begins for real on March 20th with the Sun’s ingress into Aries at the Vernal Equinox.  Aries is not complicated – it is direct.  This Equinox is a huge portal.  If you are still questioning your own strength and entertaining old fears and habits you will surely miss the wave.  It’s important to claim your courage and resolve now.  The last several years have been difficult in the extreme.  It’s almost like we have a kind of collective PTSD.  This equinox returns us to our original path.  We have the opportunity to reunite with our original intentions and desires.  We are done with the bush-whacking of the Cardinal Cross years and the Mutable weirdness of the recent Master Class in “now –you see it – now you don’t”.

On Saturday afternoon, the Moon moves into Aries and Mars moves into Capricorn. They will square each other and will have to make adjustments.  And they will be working together.  Moon will imbue Mars with the courage of his convictions and feelings.  Mars will bolster the confidence and resolve of the Moon. They will both have a renewed commitment to action and will display bravery, innovation, and inspiration as they make their way into and out of aspect.  The Sun will enter Aries on Tuesday, March 20th.   This is new energy, a new game, and new rules.  Move with the energy. You’ll figure out the rules in no time.  Reclaim your sovereign power. Just start.  Remember – Aries is direct.  Don’t make it complicated.  Move with faith, conviction, and courage. Cheer the New Year!!!

“No more looking back.  No more living in the past.  Yesterday’s gone and that’s a fact.  Now there’s no more looking back.” – Ray Davies.

Happy Spring (my favorite time of year) to Everyone!!!