Pisces New Moon – February 28 – March 1, 2014

Pisces New Moon – February 28 – March 1, 2014


The New Moon forms at 10 degrees 39 minutes Pisces at 11:59 pm, PST, on February 28 and at 7:59 am GMT on March 1, 2014.  Mercury stationed direct at 19 degrees Aquarius on the morning of the February 28th.  Well, we can all be grateful that that’s over.  It will take a few day for him to get up to speed again.  He will not reach his point of retrogradation at 3 degrees Pisces until March 20th but by then we will have passed the Full Moon and will certainly have bigger and more esoterically exotic fish to fry, this being the time of Pisces and all…


Ah – the mystical, otherworldly, and sensitive Pisces New Moon!  This is the end of the line; the last New Moon of the astrological year.  It’s hard to get a bead on what’s happening.  It feels as though everything is slipping away or disappearing without a trace.  And at the same time it feels like certain obstacles are stubborn, immovable, and permanent.  On the one hand, things are what they are.  But what does that mean?  On the other hand, nothing is as it seems.  And what exactly does that mean?  And where does that leave us?  There is no one answer.  There are not a dozen or even fifty possible answers.  When we are talking about Pisces we must look at all the possibilities.  And I do mean all.  And if we don’t want to view these possibilities individually we must at least acknowledge their existence and embrace the idea that any one – or all of them – could manifest at any given moment.  We are dealing almost exclusively with collective consciousness here.  The sense of “Us” and “We” is paramount.  There is little left of the ego self.  The line between illusion and reality (whatever that means) is a personal choice.  An even the idea of choice gets iffy!


So – what is going on?  I can point to some indicators which will loom up out of the mists of our journey through Pisces 2014.  On March 1, Mars stations retrograde at 27degrees Libra.  He will turn direct on May 19 at 9 degrees Libra.  The outer planets retrograde with great regularity but Mars only does so every 26 months.  As a result of this retrograde Mars will spend about 8 months in Libra instead of his usual 6 weeks.  For the record, Mars does not comfortable in Libra.  His natural impulse is to act unilaterally on his desires.  Libra demands that he restrain those desires and consider his actions in relationship to their effect on others.  Mars feels stifled and resentful.  He chafes under this aspect.  Relationships and alliances will be called into question under this aspect.  Expressions of frustration are very possible.


On March 2, Saturn stations retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio.  He will turn direct on July 20 at 16 degrees Scorpio.  This is another indicator of re-evaluation.  Saturn in Scorpio has been systematically adjusting our relationship to power and shared resources of every sort, working in concert with Pluto in Capricorn.  This is both a deeper and more personal assessment of our relationships and at the same time a more dispassionate transpersonal evaluation of our collective positions in matters pertaining to our economies and natural resources at a global and planetary level.  Finally, on March 6, Jupiter stations direct at 10 degrees Cancer.  We will begin to feel optimistic and expansive again.  That same day, Venus will move into Aquarius after spending almost 4 months in Capricorn.  Aquarius is not the most romantic sign but it’s friendly and undemanding.


Will all these planets changing directions, it’s difficult to know where to step.  We are still in the doldrums of the relaxed Cardinal Cross.  Nothing is happening – Everything is happening.  Against the extremely weird and highly choreographed spectacle of the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, we saw (or in many cases failed to see) a revolution take place in the nearby Ukraine.  That’s a pretty big disconnect.  People everywhere are beginning to address corruption in government and take personal responsibility for their own inaction.  The spirit of outrage, reform and restoration of moral standards is spreading. The monolithic energy of entrenched governments and the wild energies of an angry populace are colliding.  Just look around.  As the Cardinal Cross tightens and becomes exact in mid- April, these festering situations will become more fraught and even less clear.

So what is going on?  I wish I could say more clearly –  but I can’t.  If there was ever a time to make friends with uncertainty, this is it.  The New Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron acknowledges and embraces all the pain, suffering, love, compassion, chaos, and order of this world.  This is it!   This is the Piscean soup of humanity in all its negative and positive glory.  It’s dirty, debased, exalted, exquisite and entirely human.   Make this New Moon count.  Feel it all!