Pisces New Moon – February 23, 2020

Pisces New Moon – February 23, 2020

The New Moon at 04 degrees, 28 seconds Pisces peaked this morning at 7:31 am, PST / 3:31 pm GMT. We’re at the final turn of winter and heading into spring and beginning of the astrological new year on March 19. Sit down and take stock of what’s happened over the last 12 months. I hope you’ve been taking care of yourself. It’s been a dazzling and dizzying year. The New Moon presents an opportunity to reflect and to reconnect with source. So much has happened. We feel the impetus to move forward but find that we are are strangely tired, anxious, impatient, and confused. It’s exhausting.

The good news is that we’re experiencing the beginnings of a break with the crumbling past along with a soft introduction to the emerging future. You may say – “It doesn’t feel very soft to me!” But when you look at all the other ways that it could go right now… it is relatively gentle. And it’s okay not to have the complete picture because one picture is dissolving and a new one is forming.

I know – it’s making all of us nuts. In the meantime, be kind to yourself and others. Please take care of your physical and emotional body. You’re going to need it. You might think that it would be great to have certainty about what’s coming. But that’s not going to happen. You may have noticed that communication is changing. It’s much easier to contact others via thought and intention than it’s ever been before. It’s a fresh start. Don’t look back and don’t drag the past into the present. Drop the idea that everything should follow a certain pattern or that things “should be different” – or most especially that things should “go back to the way they were.” Because that – most definitely – is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Nope – no way! There’s a higher, more expansive reality forming before our eyes and in our consciousness.

This Piscean New Moon is the last lunation of the astrological year of 2019. This is a time to close the door and to recharge, review, remember, and rebuild. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces until March 3 when he returns to 0 degrees Aquarius, finally stationing direct on March 10th. This last phase of Mercury Rx is ideal for finishing what’s been left incomplete or misunderstood, contemplation, rejuvenation, rest, and re-dedication. 2019 has been hard. Our situation has been changing and evolving at an accelerated pace. We will see more of this as we enter the new year on March 19.

Venus at 18 degrees Aries is square to Jupiter at 18 degrees Capricorn today as the New Moon forms. Going forward, she will also square Pluto and Saturn. The two great benefics are making some adjustments. And we will have to make them too. Venus and Jupiter are not comfortable with their surroundings. Venus in Aries is militant and willful. She’s not in the mood to take any bullshit – and – she wants and gets what she wants when she wants it. Jupiter is a bit depressed and hemmed in when he’s in Capricorn. And having Pluto and Saturn as running-buddies isn’t doing much for his mood. This square will have ramifications here on earth. We will question our ways of doing things as well as the rules and laws that govern our everyday movements. We will question our personal and collective power to navigate and have autonomy over our own lives and existence. Review your methodology and make sure that you understand what you are doing. Make decisions and implement them. Realize that nothing ventured is nothing gained. Follow your deep knowing. Accept no substitutes.

Pisces is the last dream oasis on the way to the new year and the future. Given a choice – what reality do you want? Pisces will be glad to serve it up. Magic, glitter, pleasure, and passion are his specialty. Just remember, once we head into Aries, the responsibility for maintaining that state will be yours. It’s an unpredictable world right now. New and unknown energies and territories wait. There’s an old saying: Pay attention, show up, tell the truth, and don’t be attached to the outcome. It’s good advice!