Pisces Full Moon – September 6, 2017

Pisces Full Moon – September 6, 2017

The Full Moon forms at 13 degrees 52 minutes Pisces, on September 6, 2017 at 12:02 am.  As she rises, the Moon is luminescent Naples yellow with a touch of buttercream white around her edges.  She’s plump and tantalizing.  I can’t wait to see her high above the landscape at her peak just after midnight.

Tonight’s lunation is the first Full Moon after the Leo Solar Eclipse of August 21.  Much has changed since then.  We’ve moved on to the Virgo/Pisces axis.  Cooler heads are trying to prevail but honestly… they’re not having much luck… The eclipse has left us reeling.  Saturn, Uranus and the North Node and Mercury are still holding the energy of the grand trine in fire.  Venus, who was late to the Leo party has joined the pack and is trailing the trine at 13 degrees Leo. So don’t get me wrong – it’s still hot out there.  There’s still plenty of fire – but Virgo in particular would like us all to get a grip.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo has been retrograde since August 13.  Today, September 5, he turns direct.  So that’s a giant relief!  He was busy over the weekend conjuncting Mars back at the last degrees of Leo – hitting the eclipse point once again, pushing hot buttons, reigniting controversies, and generally inciting verbal and physical violence.  Like we need that ….  Don’t celebrate his direct motion yet.  He’s still in a shadow period which may or may not slow him down. It’s possible that he will misbehave yet again. On Sunday September 10, he will conjunct Mars one more time in Virgo. This time Regulus is included.  Let’s hope that will be a constructive and creative conjunction.

Neptune closely conjuncts this full moon in Pisces and opposes the Sun in Virgo.  He was also conjunct the Pisces Solar Eclipse earlier this year on February 26.  Virgo seeks to share knowledge and to serve and help others in concrete practical ways that can make a difference to their physical, mental, and emotional health.  She may be critical but it’s only because she wants the best-possible outcome.  And she assumes you do too.  Pisces seeks to unite with all that is – as it is.  Pisces doesn’t judge – not for long anyway.  Both signs are intent on healing – one way or the other.  Virgo analyzes, clarifies, categorizes, and distributes while Pisces confirms, appreciates, absorbs, and unifies.  And PS, they are both quite psychic.  Virgo doesn’t want to discuss it but Pisces will readily admit with a shrug of their shoulders that they just “know” things – no big deal….

Tonight’s full moon in Pisces is inclusive.  She seeks to unify us.  We are coming to realize more and more that we are one collective consciousness.  This does not negate our individuality.  Each of us is a cell in the body of the collective.  Each is integral to the whole.  The North Node in Leo insists that our personal and individual physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual hygiene be impeccable so that we can serve the collective effectively.  In order to be of service and to unify, we must practice this impeccability.  If we cannot or do not we will become a sort of cancer in the body of the collective.  Each cell has its place and purpose.

It’s a confusing time.  The eclipse blew open a portal as promised.  Fires, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters claim our attention. Refugees are on the move as never before. The United States is on fire in the west and under water and threat of more tropical storms in the southeast.  Natural disasters plague us around the world.  Our oceans are becoming poisonous and so is our air.  Big changes are afoot.  The Cardinal Crosses prepared us for this time of upheaval and profound change.  We may wish for things to go back to “normal” but we’re all starting to get the message:  There’s no going back.   Clearly we are going to have to literally “be the change we want to see in the world”.  No lip service.  No wearing the T Shirt in support.  Nope – it’s got to be real transformation.  We’re going to have to get down and dirty and honest.  It’s going to get down to that cellular consciousness thing.  It’s got to be down to the bone and pervasive.  Breathe.  Feel the singularity of each inhale and exhale.  Each is different and yet each is impeccable, perfect in form, and perfectly timed.  Be with the breath.  Be the breath.  And then ask yourself as my teacher asks us – “Who’s the breather?”