Pisces Full Moon – September 19, 2013

Pisces Full Moon – September 19, 2013


The Full Moon forms at 26 degrees 40 minutes Pisces at 4:13 am PDT on September 19, 2013.  Three days later on September 22, we will experience the Autumnal Equinox as the Sun moves into Libra at 1:44 pm PDT.  The hours of darkness and light that make up our day/night cycle will once again be equal on that date. From that point forward daylight will decrease markedly as the darkness increases and the earth prepares for winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  The Southern Hemisphere will experience the opposite effect, a Vernal Equinox, as the daylight hours grow longer and summer approaches.  The equinoxes and solstices signal the beginning of a new season and correspond to the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn as well as the cardinal directions East, South, West and North respectively.  These are the places of initiation and movement – the seed point for action.


The Full Moon in Pisces brings us to a moment of recognition as she shines with brilliance and compassion on all the accomplishments and follies of the year so far.  The Virgo – Pisces polarity is interesting.  Virgo analyzes and discerns.  Pisces experiences and forgives.  There is much redemption and forgiveness available at this Full Moon.  Most likely you’ll be the one handing out forgiveness to yourself but you could be spreading it around and receiving some too.   Pisces is acutely aware of the dangers and delights of swimming in the waters of the Divine Soup.


Saturn, Venus and the North Node are conjunct in Scorpio the day before the Full Moon.  This is a loaded aspect and can be looked at from many different angles.  Venus symbolizes our values as well as what we value.  Traditionally she is not well-placed in Scorpio and considered to be in detriment in that sign, meaning that she had difficulty operating skillfully and positively there.  It is perhaps the image of the powerful and willful woman that frightened astrologers in the days when detriments, exaltations and falls were being decided – but there you have it.  So Venus in Scorpio still has the reputation of being the woman who must be satisfied, is a temptress, and wears a velvet glove over her iron fist.  But she is also the woman who walks her talk, lives her values, and owns her power, pleasure and joy.  Saturn loves structure, order responsibility, and discipline.  In Scorpio he is motivated to get to the bottom of things and to transform structures.  His ongoing sextile to Pluto in Capricorn (a little reminder – Saturn and Pluto are in what’s called Mutual Reception which means that they are in each other’s sign.  Saturn rules Capricorn and Pluto rules Scorpio) gives him carte blanche to do just this. Pluto totally approves of everything Saturn does under these circumstances and vice versa.  The North Node is a significator that in this case shows our collective trajectory – or more simply put, what is up for examination at this time.   Scorpio is the sign of birth, death, and rebirth – the ongoing process of transformation. It is also the sign dealing with issues of power at  personal, collective and universal levels.  North Node in Scorpio brings our attention to what needs to die and be reborn into new forms.  The issue of value posed by Venus in Scorpio points to the South Node (the past or the basis of this matter) in Taurus, the sign of Venus’s rulership and the sign concerned with personal values.  Our South Node (past) values (Venus) are outdated – no longer viable.  Specifically, our personal (Taurus) attitudes toward value economics, finance, and money are up for review.  Scorpio deals with joint resources or values held in common.  The Venus, Saturn, North Node conjunction in Scorpio asks us to answer the questions:  What is valuable?  What do you want?  What has worth?  And these questions must be answered and reconciled from both a personal and collective perspective.  Venus will separate from the conjunction and move on but Saturn and the North node will continue to hammer out the details.


On September 20, Pluto will begin to station direct as he continues to sextile Saturn.  Pluto’s forward movement will send him on his way to the next exact square with – yes – you guessed it – Uranus, on November 1-2.  Are you tired of all this heavy Scorpionic Plutonian energy?   I know I am!  Well, perhaps we’ll get a little information that will illuminate the situation around September 29 when Mercury moves into Scorpio and goes to visit the Lord of the Underworld. The energy will certainly shift.  Did I mention that Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio starting in Mid-October?  So much to look forward to…


Use this Full Moon to feel the power of love and the release of forgiveness.  Decide what has value and what needs to be set aside, what is simply story and what is really true now.  There is no time like the time of the Pisces Full Moon to take this to heart.  Allow yourself to dissolve unloving boundaries and values erected long ago that are no longer useful to you or to the collective.  Free yourself.  To quote a song:

“Everybody needs forgiveness, Even those that don’t deserve it.  Everybody needs salvation, Even if they don’t believe a word …. Put love above everything else, And the rest will take care of itself.”


Joyous Equinox to All!