Pisces Full Moon – September 13, 2019

Pisces Full Moon – September 13-14, 2019

Tonight’s Full Moon is exact at 21 degrees, 5 minutes Pisces, at 9:32pm PDT, and overnight at 4:32 am GMT on 9/14/19. We are nearing the Libra equinox on September 23. It is a time to celebrate our accomplishments, harvest our “crops” both physical and metaphysical, and plan out our strategies for the fall, winter, and beyond. Every evening as the sky loses the light and the last streaks of orange disappear, I hear flocks of geese honking as they take off into the gloaming headed for sunnier warmer places to winter. The time to act is now.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are clustered together tonight in Virgo opposing the Moon and Neptune in Pisces. These configurations are squared by Jupiter in Sagittarius, creating a T-Square. Jupiter is calling us out – challenging us to see the possibilities that we may have been blind to before this Full Moon. The light and intensity of this moon reaches into the stubborn corners of our consciousness, insisting that we see the bigger picture, embrace our personal karmic past, honor it, release it and engage in the new challenges that confront us in the now. Light encodes information. And there is plenty to go around tonight – no matter who you are and what your calling may be. This is the time to look up and out.

Jupiter and Neptune have been in a square configuration since the beginning of the year. Squares required adjustment. They prompt us to tune into the current energies, survey the situation with as much accuracy and impartiality as we can muster, and to modify our course accordingly. Tonight’s Full Moon is a turning point. This is a spiritual square. Yes, it has a practical aspect but most importantly, it requires us to assess inner knowing – our insights, beliefs, truths, and desire. The time between tonight’s full moon and September 21 (when this square will be exact for the third time) will be important. Incorporate the insights you gain during this period. Much will be revealed and most of what you learn will be incredibly useful going forward.

Pisces is Deep Water. It can nurture just as easily as it can destroy. It is Deep Knowledge and Deep Knowing – Deep Consciousness and Deep Connection – Deep Resistance and Deep Acceptance – Deep Releasing and Deep Renewal – Deep Everything and Deep Nothing.

Tonight is a wide opening. There’s room for everyone to take to the sky tonight and to fly as close to the Moon as you dare. It’s time to take the deep dive. Dive into the knowing and the unknown, the possibility and the impossibility, the belief and the disbelief. Feel all of it. Relax into the truth of everything and nothing. Change is afoot. Everyone knows that by now. See the window open. See your trajectory. Like the geese, you will set your course. You will fly with purpose and with the deep knowing that you are travelling the perfect path. Steer by the light of this magnificent Moon as you navigate the galaxy and the infinite sea of Stars.

Go Deep.