Pisces Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse – September 16, 2016

Pisces Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse – September 16, 2016

The Full Moon forms at 24 degrees, 19 minutes Pisces at 12:05 pm PDT on September 16, 2016.  This eclipse will be visible across Europe, Asia, and Australia.  It will not be visible in North or South America.  The Moon will pass through the outer part of the Earth’s shadow (the Penumbra) casting a pale shadow on the Moon.  If you are looking at the eclipse, it may be difficult to discern at first but the shadow will still be there.

The energy of this eclipse season is immense.  The two week period between eclipses has been, erratic, wild and downright spooky.  In a year of mutable energies run amok, it’s been hard to come to agreement on what’s real and what is fantasy.  The wisest path has been to steer toward the center of the river where the current is swift.  There are obstacles on this narrow and fast track but they are nothing compared to the dangers and depression that lurk in the shady and shallow places along the banks where navigation is difficult.  The river’s edge is a veritable “Land of the Lotus Eaters”.  It’s been easy to get hopelessly bogged down and delayed there.

The North Node and Jupiter in Virgo have sparked conversation and consideration of which things, feelings, and states of mind are useful and which are not.  The logical analysis and discernment that accompany these musings are the great gift (although it’s one that is not usually appreciated) of Virgo.  Let’s face it.  Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo. He’s spent most of the last year with his nose to the grindstone learning hard lessons.  It hasn’t been much fun for anyone.  What with squares to Saturn and oppositions to everything in Pisces, Jupiter has basically been powerless to bestow his usual gifts of expansiveness, magnanimity, and general good cheer.

Jupiter moved into Libra on September 9, leaving the Sun, North Node, and Mercury in Virgo.  Libra is a much better fit for Jupiter.  He will implement what he’s learned during his stay in Virgo as he begins to network with others in a convivial manner, working to create mutually beneficial situations and solutions.  His stay in Libra will give him a better and more strategic position from which to operate over the coming year.  Instead of the square and oppositional aspects of 2016, we can look forward to Jupiter sextiling Saturn who currently resides in Jupiter’s home sign Sagittarius.  How cozy is that?  Jupiter will definitely have the upper hand in this relationship.  Venus rules Libra where she is firmly ensconced as Jupiter enters the sign.  Jupiter and Venus get on fabulously and enjoy each other’s company.  They reinforce each other’s strong points.  So this will be a very good year for diplomacy and strengthening of all relationships be they personal and/or political.  Venus and Jupiter are very good indeed when they work together!

Tonight Sun, Mercury and the North Node in Virgo face off opposite the Moon, South Node and Chiron in Pisces.  We are weary and exhausted by the relentless retrogrades that have plagued us this year – especially the long Mars in Scorpio transit.  Our physical and emotional bodies have been pushed to their limits.  And we would hope to be done with Mars and all deep painful introspection and grief we’ve borne under his auspices – but no – tonight we find him in Sagittarius squaring the Moon and Chiron in Pisces as well as the Sun and Mercury and trining Uranus in Aries.  Man- he just won’t quit….So there’s irritability and some high temper present at the eclipse.  As Mars starts to collect his stuff and head for Capricorn he can’t resist this curtain call.  Just a reminder, folks!  Don’t forget what you learned over the first nine months of this year.  It’s been a doozy,

There’s healing and closure aplenty tonight.  As we approach the Autumnal Equinox on September 22, we finally feel ourselves truly untangling the tethers of the past.  Some of the lines go back several decades.  Some are more recent.  Others go way back across many lifetimes.  The connections of the eclipse to the Nodes and Chiron show just how deep and ancient some of this clearing and closure needs to be and really is.  It is time to let go of your primitive wordless emotional states – these immobile dense clusters of feelings that will not move or respond on their own.  It’s time to invoke your power as your own personal psychic surgeon and shaman.  You know you’ve got it!

In order to gain the clarity that is needed to move ahead with all due speed, this must be done.  The good news is:  this leaves room to grow and to throw lines ahead into infinite possibilities.  This cannot be done while shackled to the past, fear, disillusionment, duality, and distrust.  It’s been a long year.  It’s been confusing and transformative.  We’ve had to weather retrogrades in order to learn through repetition.  We’ve felt victimized and marginalized along the way. Yet here we are under the benevolent reflective light of the Pisces Full Moon.  It’s time to drop the duality of Heroes and Villains – Victors and the Vanquished.  Give up those scenarios.  Just drop them.  This eclipse season presents us with the opportunity to proceed without the unwieldy load we’ve been lugging all these lifetimes.  Drop it.  Let it go.  If it won’t fit into the proverbial one checked bag you’re allowed at the airport – just forget about it.  That’s the gift of this eclipse.

P.S.  Mercury stations direct on September 21, the day before the Equinox.  Perfect timing as usual….. Give him a week to pick up speed.