Pisces Full Moon – August 29, 2015

Pisces Full Moon – August 29, 2015

The Full Moon forms at 06 degrees, 06 minutes Pisces at 11:53 am PDT on August 29, 2015.  This is a SuperMoon; the first of three in a row.  The term “SuperMoon” was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in the 1970’s.  It refers to a Full Moon that is at both perigee (its closest approach to Earth) and syzygy (in alignment with the Sun and Earth).  These moons produce stronger gravitational and electromagnetic fields, exerting more force on the Earth, the tides and our bodies.  It’s a time a heightened awareness and sensitivity.  It’s a time to open to the tides of change that are coming in.

The Sun and Jupiter have just recently arrived in Virgo, finding themselves in opposition to Neptune, Chiron and the Moon in Pisces.  The Virgo/Pisces polarity is fascinating.  Virgo wants to identify, classify and effectively harvest information in service of what is practical, tangible and real.  And God bless Virgo for doing this!  She does so with great kindness, discernment, and efficiency.  Pisces wants to obliterate identities and classifications.  He cares very little about hierarchies, practicality, or tangibility.  He carries out this dissolution of the distinctions so finely wrought by Virgo with great kindness and without regard for differences or reasonableness.  It is a compassionate but complete dissolution – one that you may not necessarily enjoy in the traditional sense of that word.  You will, however, get the changes you’ve been asking for.  Both work from a place of service and both work with the intent to heal our human condition.  Virgo seeks to heal the body and mind through a fair and honest assessment of our condition here in the 3rd dimension.  Virgo extends this service to all beings.  Pisces seek to dissolve all boundaries and differences in order to unite all beings with all that is.   Ignoring the pragmatic and earthbound limitations of Virgo’s approach, Pisces will extend compassion, love, fascination, faith, and a healthy dose of trickery and illusion to bring all beings to a state of oneness.  In the end both Virgo and Pisces are pulling for us to be our best and most radiant selves.  Virgo works on the physical plane. Pisces moves in the ethers of divine love and unity.

The Sun and Jupiter still conjunct in Virgo and are still reeling from the energy shift that was required when they dropped out of fiery Leo and into Virgo’s tidy, earthly realm.  The Sun is used to it.  He does this once a year.  But Jupiter visits once every 12 years and is really ill-equipped to handle the Virgoan state.  He’s been in shock since the August 11th .  And just look at what happened to stock markets around the world on August 24, less than 24 hours after the Sun entered Virgo.  It doesn’t appear to help matters that Venus will remain retrograde until September 6 when she stations direct in Leo. And that she won’t leave Leo until October 8.   But then again – maybe it does help.  Venus is insisting that we clarify our values and that we work with the truest energy of the heart.  What has value? What has heart?  What reflects the truth of you now in this moment and going forward from this moment?   Where is the true golden, fiery center of your being?  Who are you now?  Can you keep that flame burning across the times ahead?

Sun and Jupiter oppose the Moon, Neptune, and Chiron in Pisces at this Full Moon.  Where and how can we heal the false notion that spirit and matter are separate?  How can we clear the obstacles that litter the path from Virgo to Pisces and back again, making the way clear for our ultimate reunification and healing of body, mind, and spirit?

It is our ego that separates us from the knowledge that we are all one.  Ego prevents us from dropping into our emotions and feeling that truth of all that is.  It is invested in keeping the survival instinct’s master program running.  And that’s a useful job – as far as it goes.  But the ego gets too big for its britches.  It insists that there be certainty and that nothing change.  In this environment, there is no room to feel the truth of the self.  The ego cannot allow me to feel and to know that I am the ocean and the ocean is me.  I am water, the source of life and at the same time I am water, polluted, diseased and deadly.  I contain all things and all states of being and they contain me.  When ego is quieted and soft, these states of being can be known in peace and unity. Neptune, Chiron and the Moon know this.  They are receptive and reflective.  They understand the dreamtime and the cosmic soup of consciousness.

At this Full Moon, it is the Sun and Jupiter that must learn the lessons of humility, gentleness, and quiet mind.  Moon and Neptune saturate the pathway with the waters of universal love and acceptance.  Full Moon in Pisces joined by Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, and Chiron, the half human, half divine healer are the ne plus ultra combination of love and acceptance.  And they are a beacon for us to follow.  Their importance cannot be emphasized enough as we move forward.

The Cardinal Cross of the last seven years is gone.  The harsh and sometimes violent energies that characterized that time period have receded.  We are moving into mutability which is characterized by its ability to translate, communicate and re-formulate.  Jupiter is in Virgo, Saturn will be returning to Sagittarius, and Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces, soon to be joined by the South and North Nodes in Pisces/Virgo.  The cardinal signs got the party started – and here we are.  This won’t be the grueling, bushwacking march to the sea that we experienced over the last seven years.   That’s the good news.   We are in a time of translation, universalization, and synthesis.  We have arrived at the edge of the great waters of consciousness at this Pisces Full Moon.  We’re standing and staring into the tidal pool of insight. It’s a preview of coming attractions – a microcosm of what the wide unknown waters ahead contain.  Immerse yourself in this translation of love and knowledge.  You won’t be sorry.