New Moon in Leo – July 23, 2017

Leo New Moon – July 23, 2017

The New Moon forms at 00 degrees, 44 minutes Leo at 2:46 am PDT on July 23, 2017.  Two weeks ago at the full moon, I promised you lots of fire energy.  Today we have it.  Moon and Sun are conjunct at 00 degrees Leo, (talk about ground zero…) and both conjunct Mars who marched into Leo on Friday.  Add to that the North Node at 24 degrees (remember the Nodes move anti-clockwise) and Mercury at 26 and we have quite an assembly!  This coming month, we will see a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon on August 7 and a Solar Eclipse at the second Leo New Moon on the 23rd.  So break out the tank tops, shorts and bikini bottoms – it’s going to get hot.  This New Moon begins a four week initiation.

Sun in Leo is a natural.  He’s home.  The King has returned to the castle and his kingdom.  The gathering of bodies in Leo creates a powerful trine to Saturn in Sagittarius.  Fire is inspiration, initiation, creativity, passion, joy, and above all else, light.  Saturn in Sadge requires us to be responsible to our personal and collective truths.  The pack of planets and the North Node in Leo require that we clarify and strengthen our sovereign selves and that we do it thoroughly and with joy.  The next four weeks will be a time of self re-discovery, refinement, re-direction, and ultimately, choice.  We are on the precipice of momentous and irrevocable change.  The discoveries and subsequent decisions that we make (or fail to make) at this time will have reverberations for years to come.  We are designing and setting the template for the rest of the 21st century.

Venus points the way.  Her opposition the Saturn tonight marks the midpoint of her journey from the conjunction of last October.  She is not only the planet of love and relationship, but equally the planet of balance and values.  As in:  What are my values?  What do I value?  Is the situation equitable and balanced?  And if not – why not?  Venus’ contact with stern Saturn in philosophical Sadge charges her with the task of reconfiguring her priorities and making changes.  She has had 8 months to work on this.  She’s given it a lot of thought and pruned away a lot of dead wood.  She will be invaluable during these next four weeks.  Trust her knowing.  And trust Saturn’s imperative to align with well-defined values. And always remember that Venus comes first and foremost from love!  Lead with your heart and trust what you know to be deeply true within.

Uranus turns retrograde on August 2 at 28 degrees Aries.  He wants to know what we are willing to radically shift in order to break old patterns once and for all.  If he doesn’t hear your answer he will simply proceed – so make that answer loud and clear!   Uranus has been in Aries for a while now.  Next May he will move into Taurus.  And that will be a whole different ballgame.  The current retrograde will last until January 2, 2018.  He will reach 28 Aries again in April 2018.  After that it’s full speed ahead to Taurus and believe you me, things are going to solidify very quickly once he crosses that border.  So if you’ve got stuff that you want to change and just don’t know how to do that… NOW is the time to figure it out.  Set it in motion.  Take a leap of faith – or SOMETHING – ANYTHING.

It’s time.  This is what we came here to do.  Have you ever hear the phrase “trial by fire”?  Well this is it.  You are playing all the roles.  You are the defendant, the witnesses, the defense attorney, the prosecution, the judge, the jury, the people in the gallery, the press, and the public.  And you can go even more macro from there….  All of us – everyone – is contributing to this.  Our fates are in our hands.  Change is happening.  Make no mistake.  It’s going to happen fast.  Do not forget that Leo is about joy.  Don’t overthink it but don’t forget it.   Eclipse season is upon us. Radical change can and will happen.  It can happen TO YOU or FOR YOU.  The choice is yours.    Remember Venus and move forward with love.  Here we go.