Libra New Moon – September 30 – October 1, 2016

Libra New Moon – September 30 – October 1, 2016

The second New Moon of the month forms at 08 degrees 15 minutes Libra at 5:11 pm PDT on September 30 and at 12:11 am GMT on October 1, 2016.  Several news sources and organizations have taken to calling it the “black moon”.  The so-called black moon is reputedly rare but it so happens that about every 2.5 years we have two new moons in one month.  So – not exactly rare – more like infrequent.    All new moons are dark.  That’s what makes them new.   As the moon gathers light ( aka waxing), she passes through phases on her way to becoming full.  After attaining fullness, she begins to lose light, (aka waning) until she becomes dark again.  Really – this second new moon is not that big a deal.  And if you want to be technical, there is no “black moon” in Europe because it will be October 1 when the phenomena occurs – and clearly October 1 is not September 30th.  Enough said about THAT!!!

The Moon is dark.  She is fertile and ready to conceive a new cycle of life and events. And this IS a big deal.  It’s not as dramatic and festive as a full moon.  But it is the origin and spark that determines the arc of events that will inevitably culminate with the Full Moon.  The Moon will carry your intentions, desires, dreams, wishes, and ambitions forward to full term.  In tonight’s darkness she is ready to receive your deepest longings and to gestate them as she carries them to the light of the Full Moon where they will be delivered and returned to you.

The Libra New Moon closes out the eclipse cycle and shuts the door on the first nine months of 2016. It’s been wild – especially over the last few weeks.  The energy has shifted dramatically but not decisively.  We are still finding our feet.  Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Libra give us the opportunity to find a balance.  Libra rules relationships – all relationships, including regular relationship relationships, business partners and adversaries, friends, acquaintances, open enemies, rivals – you get the picture… ANYONE with whom you have sustained contact.  So, basically “everyone”.  This will bring the idea of partnership into high focus.  How do we balance our personal desire for connection with our need for individual autonomy?  Can we?  Well, we can be mindful…

Sun, Moon and Jupiter quincunx (150 degrees) at this New Moon.  A quincunx is just 30 degrees shy of the opposition.  Oppositions create a situation of full-view disclosure.  They present an opportunity to either polarize energies or to create a superhighway of cooperation between those energies.  The choice is yours.  The quincunx is just oblique enough to leave doubt as to what’s actually going on.  It’s an aspect of doubt and possible misunderstanding.  So tread carefully and in good faith as you work through this question.

Venus is in Scorpio exploring our intimate relationships.  She wants to get to the truth about love and sex. (Uh-oh…)  She will trine Neptune on October 1.  What are your fantasies?  What are your true desires?  Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.  He is focused on Unity and divine love.  On the same day, Mercury opposes Chiron.  These two will concentrate on healing past injuries and injustices of a spiritual and temporal nature.  So be aware that these components are cooking along under the surface of your relationship explorations.

There are a lot of decisions to make.  And really – no one is in the mood to make them.  It’s been a really tough year.  We can feel the current calm but we feel apprehensive.  We know that we need to move forward but we feel hesitant.  So I have a suggestion.  Go a little slower.  Make decisions for yourself first.  There are plenty of decisions that you can make for yourself that absolutely do not involve other people.  Do that.  Everything is different now.  Everything has changed.  We can’t see it all yet but we can sure feel it.  The old systems and ways of doing things are falling away fast.  Do not cling to your received and practiced ideas.  They will only get in your way.  The New Moon in Libra is ready to partner with you.  She is ready and willing to be seeded with your intentions for the future.  She will nurture and carry these secrets forward and return them to you in the form of the Full Moon. She will do this each month.  Allow yourself to trust and partner with her.  Together you can birth a new cycle that renews itself over and over again.  This is the power of the darkness at the New Moon.