Libra New Moon – September 23-24, 2014

Libra New Moon – September 23-24, 2014

The New Moon forms at 01 degree, 07 minutes Libra at 11:13 pm PDT on September 23 and at 6:13 am GMT on September 24, 2014. The New Moon arrives a little more than 24 hours after the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere and the vernal equinox in the southern hemisphere. The equinox is a time of equal hours of daylight and darkness. Here in the northern hemisphere we will now experience a decrease in daylight hours as the light recedes and the darkness ascends. It is a time to look within. As the Earth readies herself for winter, she relinquishes her beauty and finery relying instead on the solidity and integrity of her structure. And to some degree we must do the same.

As the Sun moved into Libra yesterday we noticed a change from the earthy, analytical, capable, and philosophically thoughtful ways of Virgo to the airy, social, diplomatic, and aesthetically sensitive energies of Libra. Intellectually, the two are not far apart. But unlike Virgo, whose main concern is self-integration and service to others through that process; the Libran emphasis is most definitely on relationship: Me and You, Us and Them, Him and Her, Me and You and Them, and most importantly, The Self and The Other or the Not Self. So needless to say, this is an extremely social time of year for many reasons. Libra is happy to receive Virgo’s translation of summer (full annotated, proof-read, and modestly but tastefully bound) and to take responsibility for starting the season. As a cardinal sign, Libra excels at initiation and is pleased to have to opportunity to link all the disparate bits of the first 9 months together into some sort of harmonious whole or theme. This might be tough going for even the most determined Libra, however. It promises to be a bumpy ride.

Ruled by Venus, Libra prefers that everyone and everything be calm, beautiful, and above all else, pleasant. This is not to say that they themselves cannot be frenzied, disheveled and quite unpleasant, but that they would prefer that you not be any of those things. It’s the self and other thing. There is a tacit agreement with Libra – they will try their damnedest to match your social expectations – but only if you play along and try to match theirs. Self and other – Libra doesn’t like to look across the table, pillow, office, or backyard fence, and see an unresponsive face or even worse – an uncooperative and demanding monster. Someone like…..Pluto? Uh – yes.

Pluto stationed direct at 11 degrees Capricorn on September 22, the day of the equinox. And this changes the typically nicey –nice atmosphere of the Libra ingress and New Moon significantly. Pluto is a heavy dude and he doesn’t care who knows it. Coincidently, as he stationed direct, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge re-instated him as a planet. So much for that argument and the time spent in Limbo. He’s back! As if his effects could be denied… Really, who ever doubted him? Pluto is heading for the center of Capricorn and toward his next appointed exact square with Uranus (who will be newly retrograde at that time) on December 15, 2014. Pluto’s direct movement and his restoration as a planet give this New Moon and the fall season a sense of urgency and seriousness. As Pluto and Uranus head for the centermost degrees of Capricorn and Aries, things will be changing – not just at a personal level but on a worldwide scale. I don’t usually remind you to set intentions for the new moon, but this time I’m not only reminding you, I’m recommending you do it. Really – just do it. It’s definitely time to reassess your relationships with others (Libra), money and resources, (Scorpio) and belief systems (Sagittarius). That should keep you busy for the next three months! The upcoming total Lunar Eclipse on October 8 will be a Lulu and it will set the tone for the next good while. Be aware!!! The first week of October, the Sun will oppose Uranus and square Pluto, creating a fractious T Square. This should give you a nice preview of coming attractions.

We have much to look forward to and much work to do at this New Moon. The energy is beginning to churn. The forward momentum of Jupiter in Leo is infectious and unstoppable. We will have fire energy to spare this coming year. Saturn is finishing up his stay in Scorpio and will move into Sagittarius in December on Christmas Eve. There are going to be some major changes. Take the time to get clear about your desires and your trajectory. Enjoy the social whirl of the fall season. Just be mindful of who and what you dance with. See you at the eclipse!