Libra New Moon – October 8-9, 2018

Libra New Moon – October 8-9, 2018
The New Moon forms at 15 degrees 48 minutes Libra tonight at 8:46 pm PDT and at 3:46 am GMT tomorrow morning. It’s a classic stance for the Libra new moon. Halfway through the sign at 15 degrees she and the Sun attempt to personify the ideal of perfect balance. There are, however, a few caveats that you need to be aware of as these will mightily affect your personal balance and the balance of those around you.
Let’s just say that it’s been difficult. And let’s also say that conditions are not going to fluff out and become easier anytime soon. Venus is retrograde now in Scorpio. She will traverse the underworld for 40 days, returning to the heavens and stationing direct on November 16. Venus is currently squaring Mars in Aquarius. This is her third direct contact with Mars in this configuration. She is closing out the contentiousness of the last year-long dance which began last October and looking to clear the decks for 2019. The Sun and Moon are squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 10 and opposes Uranus – so there’s that to look forward to… But first things first. She’s got bigger fish to fry at this juncture. And, if I may be so bold – so do you and I.
Venus will be in Scorpio until January 2019. This retrograde call for closure. 40 days and 40 nights – it sounds biblical doesn’t it? And in many ways it is. There’s a call for purification here and a necessity for personal accounting and jettisoning of what’s really holding you back from your true path – your true desires and your true destiny. Jesus went to the desert and returned invigorated and ready for his ministry. You can tap into that same sort of energy in this situation. The results, of course will be very different. Venus/Innana visits the underworld every 8 years. The last time was in 2010. Strangely enough, she was retrograde in Scorpio then too – just as she was in 2002, and as she will be for most of her retrograde in 2026. So what do you suppose Venus is trying to tell us? This is clearly something that we need to attend to! Now is a good time to get to the bottom of this. We’ll have yet another opportunity to find out more in 8 years.
Scorpio is most definitely not Libra. It goes much deeper than that. It’s Birth Death, Resurrection and Rebirth. Venus does her most intense work in Scorpio. Here she demands soul union, absolute alignment of values, love, power, resources. Libra calls for balance and equality. Scorpio wants to know if you’re in or out. And that’s the question. Are you ready to go deeper? Are you ready to pierce the surface and journey to the center of your being not knowing what sort of trip that might be? Do you have faith? Are you willing to get to the very bottom of whatever it is that’s down there; and to return, bedraggled and exhausted, and a little worse for the wear but wiser, stronger, more loving and better equipped to weather the coming times?
We can all feel the approaching storm. We’re uneasy, distracted, antsy and upset. Yes. We are witnessing a sea change in our world. Libra tries but is unable to put a pleasant face on the Venus retrograde and the attendant transits. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just where we’re headed. We have no clear idea or path to follow because we’ve never done anything quite like this before. We’re being pulled along by the momentum of the universe. The degrees of uncertainty and anxiety are off the charts. Yet, among those who understand the trajectory, there is a certain excitement mixed with all the upheaval. Channel that excitement into exploration of the Venus retrograde. Go to the underworld and bring back the gold, diamonds, oil, pure underground waters and all the knowledge that waits for you there. Scorpio knows that what is most valuable is often most deeply buried. Use this time to drag your treasures to the surface and to employ them. You’ll be glad you did. Keep the faith. Stay strong. Be Love.