Libra New Moon – October 4-5, 2013

Libra New Moon – October 4 – 5 2013


The New Moon forms at 11 degrees, 56 minutes Libra at 5:34 pm PST on October 4, and at 12:34 am GMT on October 5, 2013.  This New Moon packs a punch right off the bat by opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer.  This cardinal grand cross is a literal crossroads.  Which way will we go?  It’s time to decide.  The New Moon announces that all planes are boarding now.  It’s time to get to the gate.  In the cardinal spirit of this moment – it’s time to get moving and decide.  Action not talk rules the day.


Sun and Moon in Libra want balance, fairness, equality, and diplomacy.  Unfortunately they are alone in the sign and make no favorable aspects to other planets.  Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and the North Node are all in Scorpio and basically have no use for the niceties suggested by the Sun and Moon.  Scorpio wants transformation and doesn’t much care how it happens.  Interestingly, Mercury, Saturn and the North Node form trines with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.  There is healing afoot here.  But it won’t come easy and it might not be a pretty process.


We are entering eclipse season.  We will experience a lunar eclipse in Aries on October 18 and solar eclipse in Scorpio on November 3.  Throw in a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio that begins on October 21 and the fourth of seven exact Uranus-Pluto square and we have ourselves an action-packed month!  The exact Uranus – Pluto square of November 1 is the centerpiece of the series of seven that will complete in 2015.  Think of it as the keystone of an arch.   As discussed here for the last two years, this is the imperative for change.  This square is one corner of the Cardinal Cross that’s in place now.  Squares call for adjustment and reconciliation.  What has not been reconciled?  What actions are required to square up a particular situation?  It is important to remember that amidst all this cardinal energy talk is cheap.  The cardinal signs care little for theory and conjecture.  As my mother use to say “Actions speak louder than words.”


Libra requires balance.  The Cardinal Cross is indeed balanced, but it is also positioned to prevent movement.  Balance held is stasis.  Balance regained is equilibrium.  The potential clarity afforded by this temporary stasis is the potential for true self knowledge and freedom. Something must be release.  Something or things have got to go!  We know this but can’t bear to make the decision.  This will be the fourth time we’ve been to the brink.  How many times will we walk to the edge to examine the view and the possible landing sight before we finally take the leap of faith?


October will be a challenging month; perhaps the most challenging of 2013.  We are at a threshold.  The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is:  Libra 12 – “Miners are surfacing from a deep coal mine; the need to carry on at ever deeper levels the quest for knowledge which keeps burning the fires of the collective mind of a society.”  This image alludes to the preponderance of planets in Scorpio at this New Moon.  The act of mining consciousness is often associated with Scorpio as it involves digging deep in order to retrieve the hidden “gold” buried deep with our personal or collective consciousness.  It also points to the real and necessary physical work that’s required to stoke the fires of the collective mind.  But mind is not consciousness.  Mind is the legislative layer that covers and in some respects protects consciousness.  The commentary notes that it is possible that consciousness can be asphyxiated by the intellectual rigor of the mind.  How can we unite mind and consciousness to create a more natural and balanced situation for ourselves?  What will happen if we fail to achieve this?  What will happen if we do achieve this?  How can we clear the way for this to happen?  What actions must we take? These are the questions that need to be answered now


Use this New Moon to redraw your map, take out your trash and balance your accounts.  Do this with love and attention.  And be ready for the new horizons that will open when you do.